Saturday, April 28, 2007

Betty's Hair Cut

Usually, this is a stressful experience, getting Betty sheared. Once a year in the spring Mr. Grimes comes out to shear my one black sheep, who looks like Don King until her winter wool is cut.
The first time she got sheared, I had to TAKE her to the shearer. I sat in the back of a pick up, and my husband put Betty on my lap. That was a real fiasco driving around with a fussing black sheep on my lap. I can remember each year's shearing and that's why today's hair cut was an amazing job well done as it only took 15 minutes.
I guess Betty, after 6 years, is finally with the program!

Friday, April 27, 2007


Altered art is really "in" right now. You can take a book, paint on it, cut it up, totally transform it into something that is the opposite of what it started out to be. I always liked the idea of cutting a deep square into the pages of an old book so you can hide something, like a love note, key or anything special that requires to be mysteriously hidden.
What does all this altered art mean? What is this art movement saying about our society? Maybe we are sick of mass produced things, so we are going to change what we have and make it meaningful?
I guess we are like all other generations, searching for meaning and trying to make sense of who we are.
I decided to submit a painting to an art competition in a nearby town. I have always been rejected by these people, so why do I continue to subject myself to their conservative views? That's what artists do isn't it? subject themselves for criticism in hope that someone, somewhere may connect to our art and therefore give it validity?
Sorry for so many questions, but until I find an answer that lasts, that's all I have.