Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Say Cheese

Here we go again, I'm trying to update my profile!!! Posting a photo of my mug right here, is the first step, then from there I go to my edit profile page.
Worked at the gallery today and had lots of interesting customers. My favorite part of being a professional framer? is looking at people's art and hearing the stories about it. Lots of world travelers out there come back to the roost and bring a photo, or painting back to be framed. Saw an image of Jesus in a yoga position, that was a new one to me.
Another customer, a kind gentleman, popped in and said, "bet you never saw a car like the one I'm driving." Okay, I had to go and check. It WAS a very cool car! I had to take a pic of it. I rarely turn my head for any vehicle as most are SO reproduced and common. I love old cars and trucks, but this sports car, I have to admit, was attractive.
Awfully hot to drive around in a convertible though today, whew!:)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Unexpected Blessings

The other day I was out walking the dog and noticed a batch of daisies in the pasture. My husband had just cut the pasture day before but had not mowed down the daisies.
I knew that was for me.
For years I've asked him not to mow here or there in order to spare flowers and herbs that volunteered it's presence in a spot not conducive to his mowing routine. He mowed them over anyway thinking I'd never notice.
But I did.
And now, lo and behold, an unexpected blessing of a bouquet of daisies left for me to discover. After being married so long and surviving so much, we have an unspoken type of communication. It seems to have a life all it's own this communication, as tho a 3rd party were involved. So, without saying anything, I sketched him a picture and wrote a poem and when I gave it to him he said, "oh, you found the flowers I see."
(kisses and hugs)
There's a lot of power behind stuff like that. The things we do for others seem to have so much more healing power if we don't tell them about it. You know, like how we are to pray in quiet, and not to let anyone know you are fasting, etc. Perhaps if you do something nice for someone, and never mention it to them, that act resonates healing.
I know this did for me.
The poem, (it's rough, I know) :
A patch of daisies spared for me.
After all these years, he finally sees
the unspoken strength that one receives
as giving ......................
Okay, stop.
I'm stuck on this part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I originally wrote "as giving dispells all disbelief".
But I don't like the way it sounds.
Anybody out there have any suggestions?
Let me know!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jody's Message

See this butterfly? I played around on my Photoshop with this image and decided it looked like a 1970 tablecloth pattern. The butterfly was in the meadow sunday morning down at our cabin in Marietta. The meadow is my favorite spot.
When I opened this image I discovered the photo was taken at 8:13 am. My son died on 8/13/87 and whenever I see a butterfly, I think it's him telling me he loves me.
I love you too Jody.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Garden Lessons

This is the west side of my garden. The perennials are Bergamont, Borage, Lambs Ear, Chive, Pennyroyal, Sage, Bachelor Button, Iris and Angelica. The arborvitaes serve as a border and protect the area from winter winds.
I remember when my husband and I planted this garden and how bare it seemed. I checked for growth daily and felt good to see bees and birds making use of our efforts.
They say every thing you need to learn can be taught by nature. I was impatient when the garden was first created to see blooms and lush foliage.....and now that I have it, I'm ten years older and lack energy to be impatient about such things as wanting more flowers. I have learned to appreciate the present conditions of my life.
It's good to want to create a beautiful garden. It's even better if you can sit and watch the bees on your bergamont and understand how wonderful it really is to be sitting in the sun, watching nature and seeing beauty.
There is a small oak tree in the southeast corner, right behind the wild geranium plant. This tree is decked out in all sorts of shiny pieces of wind chimes, glass, beads, etc.
I call it my magical tree and I try to keep all the strings that hold shiny objects from becoming tangled because I have this belief if they are all untangled, my ability to communicate will be untangled as well.
Who was it that said, "if birds sing after a storm, why shouldn't we?" Eleanor Roosevelt? I'm not sure. But after a storm, I check my magic tree, untangle it's strings and smile knowing that I can survive storms and STILL sing.
This is the top of a fountain we purchased last year. The water pours over the four faces and reminds me of how it feels to take a shower. I just fell in love with the four face thing, one for each direction. And being such a symbolic person (I even dream in symbols!) the statue reminds me of my gaurdian angel who watches my back, sides and front.
Thanks for reading my blog. Remember, if you pray for peace, you have to be an instrument of peace to give your prayer wings.
Blessings to you:)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Depression's ugly head rises again

Somewhere along the way, I've allowed agitations to take hold and grow. Too many things take place in my life that I do not want, that doesn't feel right or makes me feel maniupulated. Speak up, you say? My totem animal is crow. That is one of the things I am supposed to do from crow's teaching; to speak up.
But, I remain quiet. If I had to describe this feeling, it is a dark corner where I cannot see clearly and my thoughts become unattached so much that I cannot remember if I wanted to say yes or no, or exactly what it was that sickened me into silence.
The resulting emotions pile up. My mind is a plugged toilet.
I hate it and I fall into a habit of withdrawing from people, family, friends, whoever, & I long to be alone so I can collect my thoughts.
I'm sure many people think negative thoughts like, "she's stuck up, she's rude, she has issues," and so on.
I'm none of those things!
My inner core longs to laugh and feel joy. It longs to be free and express itself in truth
My truth.
51 years old and still I struggle with this.
I think life should come with an eraser.
Okay, okay, enough self pity in public.
Here's Elle, looking as though she is saying, "what?" This sweet creature never fails to bring a smile to my face.