Thursday, February 13, 2014

For anyone who struggles with Hereditary Peripheral Neuropathy you know that come morning you can wake up an entirely different person than you were the night before.  This morning I woke up feeling neuropathic (my word), which means I feel sluggish, heavy and a tad disoriented.  Doing my morning chores becomes a major challenge and I get a bit cranky about it.
The cold and snow do not help.
After years of dealing with HPN, I have learned that you cannot give in to it.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and think about anything that might make you smile.  Pray!!!   Remember that it will pass!  Know that putting up with oneself is not an easy task!
Pushing oneself not to give in to despair has it's rewards as I did managed to make it to morning mass inspite of myself.
The readings were about "a change of heart".  Father John said sometimes we as spouses, friends, etc., can influence a change of heart, for the good as well as sometimes, for the bad.
I really thought hard about that!  I don't want to change another person's heart towards the bad because of the way I treat them, even if I have somewhat of an excuse due to illness.
But what of the illness?  Why let it rob me of even more?!!!!
When I got home I found a note from my husband who had cleaned up the kitchen while I was gone.  He said he hoped I had a better day and that he loved me.
My husband's kindness turned my heart towards God, love, hope and the feeling of being accepted, warts and all.
It's been about 5 hours now since I woke up.  Friends at mass were so kind.  My husband was so good to me.  I got a call from a dear friend telling me about an art exhibit I should go see which all fed my energy and lifted my soul.
My heart is turned toward God and I feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.
                                               George and Nancy enjoying a corn/hay casserole.

                                                A sparrow enjoying breakfast on the front porch.