Thursday, May 29, 2008

Babble or bubble? Can't remember!

It's been a couple weeks since I've been able to blog. Lots going on, things to do, places to go, ya know, stuff like that.
May was a busy month.
One day at the cabin I had time to wander off alone. I relaxed on a bridge my husband built a couple months ago. It spans over a babbling brook that ends in the Coal Run River nearby.
Lots of babbling.
Is it babbling brook or bubbling brook? hmm.
I kicked off my shoes and lied down, put my hands behind my head and looked up. The sky was so blue, the bridge still has that new wood fragrance, birds singing and bumble bees dive bombing....ah, sweet relaxation.
But enough of that, I had brought a pen and notebook to write in. That is what really brought relaxation to me; journaling. I function better when I can get some of the thoughts bouncing around in my brain down on paper and out of me. I am hoping it clears up some space, like a computer, I hope I run better.
Since being home though? I am having trouble concentrating on simple tasks at hand. I feel like I lost some short term memory ability. I've heard that is common during menopause, which frankly, pisses me off.
Sorry. It just does. How humiliating it is to age. That must be the homework necessary to pass...pass what? a test? sort of, however, I mean PASS: moving on, audios, bombs away, amen, outee.
Oh well, with a little luck, and lots of reminders on sticky notes, I should be able to remember the two things I need to remember today:
#1. The sheep shearer man is coming this morning to shear Betty, so keep her in the barn.
#2. Dinner date with Godparents.
#3. Put shoes on before going to the dinner date with Godparents.
Nah, just kidding, I trust I will put on shoes before heading out to dinner. I do have dreams lots of times of showing up someplace, looking down and realizing I forgot to put on shoes.
I hate that:)!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Sweetest Wedding

My sister was married this past friday. A monumental occassion of which our family siezed the opportunity to celebrate. We've been through trajedies that make other people shake their heads and wonder how our family survived such emotional pain. We survived and we thrive because we know the depth of loss as well as love. We are blessed. We know all of Heaven is with us each step of the way. I can't quite put into words how it feels to see someone you love with your entire heart, broken and then after a long time, come back to life healed, still scarred, but stronger and more beautiful than ever. There was a time I did not think she would make it, not after her loss....but she chose life and never gave up.
Also, if you are able to believe in Heaven, and I do from personal experience, you long for your loved ones in Heaven to be proud of you, to rejoice with you. I believe they celebrate our milestones.
The day before the wedding we decked out my house with flowers and the day of the wedding, the sun came out and stayed warm and sunny during the reception. We had tons of fun and if I could use one word to describe it all it would be "gratitude".
Love to you all.

Friday, May 9, 2008

God's mysterious ways!

I would like to dedicate this post to a sweet woman who lives in Montana and her name is Juliana. She owns a shop on Etsy; A few weeks ago I was struggling, and I mean STRUGGLING with fear issues of all sorts. Lots of junk going on in my brain and it was beginning to really get me down. While checking my Etsy site I discovered that Juliana had hearted my shop, so I went to her site and found that she, not only sold rosaries and jewelry but explained the background of the stones and metals she uses to create these awesome works. I wrote her a looooong convo and poured my heart out to her. You know God works in mysterious ways. She wrote back and was incredibally kind, helpful and honest. I ordered a pendant made of Carnelian, turquoise and copper. I was first attracted to it because it reminded me of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. See the above pic?
And, on top of that she sent me a pocket rosary made of carnelian stones and copper as a gift.
I believe in the power of stones, metals, rocks, trees, rivers, herbs, you name it, if God made it, it was for our good. I think there are tons of blessings all around us, tons of help and silent shouts of love and encourgement. Ya just gotta believe, take time to be quiet and trust, trust, trust.
I have a dear friend who has lost several family members and in such a short time span. She is grieving as you can imagine. I thought maybe a new rosary would help somehow. Juliana made this one special for me to give her (pic above). It has rose quartz and ametheyst. The rose quartz administers to emotional pain, the Amethyst encourages inner peace. There is much more info on stones and their capabilities/meanings on her Etsy site.
Oh, see the earrings? pic above to right? She sent me those as a gift.
I can't say enough about this good hearted woman, whom I've never met, but God put her in my life and I am grateful.
I just love synchronicity!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Drying clothes and thinking

I made a temporary clothes line by sticking this contraption into a table that has an umbrella hole. Genius, I know. I have this thing about drying clothes either outdoors when weather permits or on the dining room chandelier when it's snowing outside, either way, but not in the dryer.
My dryer is a thousand years old because I baby it. I baby everything from my jeep to my toothbrush. That's another story (much less exciting than this one.)
I just think drying clothes naturally makes sense and it gives me time to think about really deep stuff:
"I am somehow less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein's brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweat shops." _Stephen Jay Gould
Tonight when I'm lying in bed waiting for sleep to take over I'll think about how another day slipped by without having done anything of real importance and how before I know it, it will all be over before I even got a chance to say, "ahem".....
But what is of real importance? How would I be able to tell, by the news? other's works?
I believe I'm doing exactly what God wants me to. If I didn't believe this with all my heart, I'd be crazy, okay...crazier!
"So be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."