Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blessings of Morning Routine

Morning routine:
Wake up before the sun, take the dog out to potty, take the dog back in to feed.
While she is eating, go outside and fill bird feeders, then turn off lights in garden, then feed
the horse and sheep.
Somewhere in between I get my husband breakfast and see him off to work.
I am blessed to have such a routine, each morning being greeted with the sweetness only our beloved pets can give.
There are many in this world who need to be greeted with love and kindness. Seemingly, a small act on our part, but a huge impact on the receiver. I read recently that our life here is about mercy, then afterwards, it's about justice.
Doing little things with great love, as Mother Theresa said, or was it St. Therese of the Little Flower?, anyway,
doing small things with great love, especially in secret, creates a door for God to enter. For example, if you are disgruntled at a co-worker, do something good for them, and don't let them know it was you. Even if it is taking time out to say a prayer for them. We all need grace and it is available to those with an open heart. Having mercy on someone else, is a priviledge and grace! do not let it pass you by.
And also very important, enjoy your morning coffee:)