Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter Retreating

Winter weather, I actually love it for the most part.  It gives me permission to stay indoors and experiment/play with dyeing muslin in teas, herbs and coffee concoctions.  Even used sassafras bark which created a warm copper color.  Dried the muslin in the sun, hanging them on just about anything in my house that would offer itself up for this job.
Peaceful days, quiet and if there is sunshine all the better.
Not busy with art work.....because?
Because I just can't make myself pick up a brush and create a picture.
Will I ever again? Probably, and I intend to, but when, I don't know.


For now, I am busy putzing around, sewing primitive type articles, reading some of my old, old craft books and reminiscing about days gone by when I spent time cross stitching on the back porch while sipping on ice tea, listening to my horses and watching birds flutter in the trees next me. 

I need to get back to that place again.  Create something with no intention whatsoever of selling it.
Create homey things again, for my own nest.

The temperatures come what may, that will not determine the worth of my day!


Frozen pastures