Friday, March 28, 2008

Creating is a sacred thing

There is definitely positive energy that comes from something pretty that is handmade. I purchased this beautiful and unique bracelet from JC at AccessoryLady.etsy., a fellow artist who makes a variety of accessories. I love yellow and I needed something to symbolize my faith that spring will really come this year.
I've been re-reading a book I've had for 10 years. It's "Marry Your Muse" by Jan Phillips. Words of encouragement are needed in every walk of life. Sometimes artists think what they do isn't important. Time and energy, lots of it, spent making art.....and for what?
She writes: time is a synonym for money in our culture. The use of it is often measured by it's profit potential. Time is an essential ingredient to art. Making time to create art is like taking time to pray.
Creating is a sacred thing. It's what God does, right?
I'll end with a beautiful quote by Mary Daly:
It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My American Idol: Tasha Tudor!!!!

There are some books in my collection that I know well. One of them is The Private World of Tasha Tudor.
Sometimes my mind is determined to worry and to get myself grounded again I usually turn to books. What was I worried about? Well, the war, the economy and the upsurge in crime to name a few. It all seems so gigantic that I wonder if I will be able to continue taking care of what is under my charge until I die.
Whoa, I know that thought means I'm going off the deep end!
So how does Tasha Tudor help? She lives in a rural area in Vermont in a house her son Seth built for her and her life is quiet, simple and earthy. She has an ornery attitude towards modern times and ideas.
About New England weather she quotes Mark Twain, "it's nine months of winter and 3 months of bad sledding." That sort of thing reminds me to stop taking everything so dramatically serious, to lighten up and try a little humor.
I love how she never wears shoes. She can tell when a frost is coming because her feet are able to detect a certain type of chill on the ground. Wow, her feet wouldn't be chosen to model sandals for Bebe Shoes, but to me they are sagacious.
She talks about how when she sees her plants coming up again in the spring it's like seeing an old friend. I know what she means, I get excited to see my peppermint, horehound, bee balm and peonies among many others. I'm out in my garden saying out loud, "Hi you guys!!!!!"
And, Tasha Tudor was a fabulous illustrator of children's books and I admire and respect her for making a gigantic addition to children's imaginations all over the world and all she had was a box of watercolors and some paper, a few brushes and a corner in her living room. She did it as a way to make a living, to survive.
So, we can look around and feel helpless and defeated by the economy and evening news, or look we could look around and find what God is trying to show us. Today He showed me my old Tasha Tudor book and instead of my worries getting worse I felt encouraged.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Staying Indoors

It is quite soggy here in Northeast Ohio.
I usually stay home each day unless I have to go grocery shopping or to the post office. Today, with all this rain, I stayed indoors working in my art room. Watched a couple movies while painting; Margo's Wedding and A day in Dan's Life. I may have those two titles botched up a bit, but the first one has Nicole Kidman in it, the second one has the guy from The Office. Both pretty good. I've also watched Junebug about 2,000 times these past few weeks. I just LOVE that flick. For some reason, I thought The Gods are Crazy would be really funny, but it was very stupid instead.
The book I've been reading is "Life Organizer" by Jennifer Louden. It is full of good questions. I think the most valuable lesson in day to day living I've learned over the past 4 years is to ASK questions, and to QUESTION my thoughts.
My art room is full of symbolism, quotes and objects of sentimental value. I have some favorite writings taped to my drawing board. One is called "Waiting" by Rabindranath Tagore.
"The song I came to sing remains unsung to this day. I have spent days in stringing and unstringing my instrument."
That's the first stanza. I love it, even tho it talks about things that didn't work, it also talks about trying. You gotta try, right?
Also, The Road not Taken by Robert Frost. I just can't understand it. I read it tons of times, and I wish someone could explain it to me.
Well, it's been a long day, I've got to get ready for American Idol. Every year I watch these kids and sweat it out with them. I cry when they do good and my palms sweat when they are performing.
That must be the mother in me I guess..........or hormones.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Geared up and ready to go!

Getting ready to take a little break and head down to the cabin for a couple days, but before I do that I wanted to acknowledge a couple people from Etsy who do wonderful work. As most know, I've a little dog named Elle who I can barely stand to be separated from so I bought a dog sling from Beth at

Now I can take photos and hold Elle at the same time. Talent!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, this weekend when I go to my new grand neice's baby shower, and get made fun of for being a little psycho for not wanting to be away from Elle, I can at least be hands free!The gift I am giving to Ada (new neice) is a handmade sleeper from Jennifer at . This is all natural fabric and has little ribbons sewn in the seams for the baby to fiddle with. It's beautiful and I'm very proud to give this as a gift. The parents of Ada are naturalists, they'll love it.Okay, gotta go. Have a good weekend and be happy!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fruits of the Spirit

In her book, "The Life Organizer" by Jennifer Louden, she refers to St. Paul's words about the Fruits of the Spirit. She suggests that the Fruits of the Spirit can serve as a guide to examine your life in light of what you do. For example, an artist who works out of her home may have a difficult time measuring daily career choices.
I made a list of the "fruits" and asked myself how my choice to dedicate more time to art was affecting my life:
LOVE: I have grown in love. I love what I do and I love those I paint for.
JOY: I definitely experience joy in my work
PEACE: I have peace, (if I don't overly push myself).
PATIENCE: Yes, I have patience with the process of things, much more than I used to anyway.
KINDNESS: I have feelings of only kindness towards my clients and am growing in kindness toward my family, much less critical.
GOODNESS: Seems to be wherever I choose to find it.
FAITHFULNESS: Regular Mass attendance, prayers and acts of gratitude, keeping my word.
SELF CONTROL: Yep, this area is better too.
So, looks like I'm on the right track in what I'm doing in my life, work and family. I love doing art, that's what gets me out of bed extra early in the morning. Not just creating, but appreciating other's works as well. I love home, being here is such a privilege.
I was wondering what sort of photo would go with this post? A pic of fruit? All I have is an apple, or a can of Fruit Cocktail? Nay, I don't want to bother and I doubt if anyone needs to see a can of fruit! So, instead and quite off the subject, here's some pics of Ohio's most recent ice storm. As I type, we are in the middle of another storm, this one producing tons of snow! I'm lucky I love winter:) This pine tree is having a bad hair day.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A little shop talk

Today was gloomy outside, but not inside. We had lots of inspiration from working with art. It is SO good for the soul. Here's a pic looking out the front window of the train station/gallery. The light as air dragonflies are what make up this beautiful mobile.
I acquired a beautiful whimsical print from fellow estian,
Aimee, her store is at: In trying to come up with a good mat and frame combo, using something we already have in stock, I decided on the purple mat on top of black with black beaded frame. I didn't realize how much purple was in this little painting until I laid the purple mat down.
And instantly knew that was what I liked. So, outside of art work, and freezing rain I've nothing too new to report. Just glad to be here:)!!!