Friday, October 31, 2008

Advice from Henry

Thoreau's inner voice told him:
"Go fish and hunt far and wide day by day, farther, wider, and rest thee by many brooks and hearth-sides without misgiving. Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth. Rise free from care before the dawn and seek adventures. Grow wild according to they nature....let not to get a living by thy trade, but by thy sport. Enjoy the land, but do not own it. We should come home from far, from adventures, and perils, and discoveries every day, with new experience and character".
That sounds good to me as I sit here munching on M&M's and sipping a McDonald's coffee, typing and knowing that this day, with it's blue blue sky and bright sun, will pass quickly.
I did venture into town, got birdseed and peoplefeed, did outside chores and cleaned up the house.
Yet, I still feel anxious.
It eases up when I go outside, so I think I'll cut this short. I just read in the paper that this is the time of year to hoe your garden, so the weeds do not have a chance to seed and spread, getting a toehold for next year.
The cabbage I planted way too late, can stay though, (for the sake of color.)
Did I tell you I painted my kitchen the color of a Granny Smith Apple?
Well, I did. It took a few days for me to honestly say it works.
And with regard to the election coming up, of which I am totally disgusted and sick of, I'll end with one more quote from Henry:
"I was never molested by any person but those who represented the State."
And that was 163 years ago.
Nothing's changed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Keeping The Peace

I was out of town for a little while. I went where it's quiet and now that I'm back my nerves are a wreck, again. Getting a reprieve makes me notice just how much noise affects me, especially traffic and 4-wheeling teenage boys. I berate myself for not being more at inner peace and that in itself is a red flag. Who gives themselves hell for not having peace? Still, I miss the commune with nature, I miss nature having first say in my morning and setting the tone for the rest of the day. If I lived in a city, I'd be totally skitso. Just a hair from postal. Not nice.
I'm re-reading Thoreau, slowly and contemplatively. He quotes a Hindoo philosopher, "So soul, from the circumstances in which it is placed, mistakes its own character, until the truth is revealed to it by some holy teacher"
To me it means, if you are surrounded by chaos, be sure not to become part of the chaos.
Meanwhile back at the ranch: I had discovered a very interesting and informative blog,, which is fueled by the energy of Jules D. I even won a book called "Angels and Wonders" by Joan Wester Anderson.
I can't wait to start reading! Thanks Jules!!
Oh that reminds me, she "tagged" me. I'm not a whiz at blogsville, so I'll give it a shot and try to answer,
4 Things Meme:
Four places I go over and over
1. The barn
2. The grocery store
3. The place in my mind that fears get out of hand
4. Prayer
Four places to eat:
1. My kitchen
2. McDonald's for coffee
3. CVS for Sugar Babies
4. Don Ponchos
Four books from the read pile:
1. Thoreau
2. Counting Coup
3. Poem of Man God
4. Angels and Wonders
Four people to tag:
1.,2.,3.,4., I've no idea & I'm pretty sure I suck at being tagged, sorry! lololo!!!!
I've added quite a few new paintings to the pile on, painted most of them while I was at the cabin.
Soooooooo, I got that going for me. And finally, here's Miss Ellie Mae, the sweetest dog ever:

Monday, October 6, 2008 this is so sweet. Thank you St. Francis!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Learning from our Elders

Besides doing art work and life, I'm reading, for the 2nd time, Walden & Other Writings of Henry David Thoreau. This guy was born 7/12/1817 and wrote this book in 1854. So, that gives you an idea how long people in our country have thought that our country is going to the dogs. I guess ever since it started! Henry took time out to live in the woods to reconnect with nature. He had time to think. It amazes me how what he commented on in 1854 is just about the same thing going on now in 2008.
"Sometimes we study to obtain more of things, and not study to be content with less?" He was referring to the things people stuff their house with. He said their homes are cluttered and defiled.
I like this: "I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion." I agree with good ole Henry on that one too.
Another book I'm reading for the first time is "Counting Coup" by Joseph Medicine Crow. Juliana from gave me this book out of the goodness of her heart. I admire and respect Native Americans. There is much to learn from them. Joseph is the last traditional Crow chief, he was the first member of his tribe to earn a Master's Degree and he is the Crow's official historian. He tells the story of his life, which in my opinion was HARD and I'm only in the first part of the book, which covers his childhood.
Can you imagine telling your child, "hey, go bathe in the icy river". That's what he had to do.
Also reading the Poem of the Man God, Volume II (given to me by Edie♥). There are five volumes. It's an amazing work by Maria Valtorta and is about the life of Christ. In my own personal experience I found Jesus to be loving but strict. I don't mean to sound so simple, but I don't know how else to explain it. Anyway, in this work he gets right to the point.
He tells it like it is, yet always provides a way out should the listener choose to follow.
I was once asked what the main reason was/is for the New Testament. The answer was FORGIVENESS.
I think about this a lot.