Friday, December 7, 2007

Wintery Morning

Lots of snow out there today, and so-o-o-o-o pretty, especially if you can enjoy from your warm home. I intended on snapping a few photos of the snow, make a necessary trip to the post office, shovel a path for Elle to go potty, check e-mail, read a bit of the paper and finish up the laundry before settling down in my studio to work.
That was around 9:30am, it's 12:43pm. It doesn't take 3 hours to do all this, I just haven't figured out how to drink coffee, munch cookies, stare at my computer screen and type while doing errands. Some of us like Betty here, can afford to stand bone idle in one spot for hours.

Alright! It's time to go upstairs to the studio where my trusty assistant is waiting.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

For my mom

My mom's ceramic tree, probably made in the 1950's:
There are times, when decorating my house for Christmas, I really feel close to my mom. She loved Christmas. She painted resin knick-knacks all year long and in earlier years, she made ceramic figurines and trees. I use the things she made throughout my house, but the Christmas pieces really tug at my heart. This Christmas will be my 52nd, and my 2nd without mom. Last year I was too lost in grief to even acknowledge she died. But this year, it is sinking it a little. Gosh, I miss her.
Without photos and the things my mom made, much of Christmas' past would be a blur. I'm really glad I kept all the things she gave me and someday, when I am positive my daughter will treasure them, I'll pass them on along with the things I've made.
I don't know the story behind these photos of mom, but I have them on display in my house, they never fail to bring a smile to my face.
.I think it was around 1990, I painted an oil painting of my son and daughter from a photo I took of them on a walk at Quail Hollow. I had painted it for my mom's Christmas present. This is the photo of her holding the painting that Christmas Eve. We said quite alot about the painting to each other, not in words, but with our eyes. I lost my son, she lost her grandson, but we kept on celebrating life, we all did, the entire family. That is a gift to give your children: show them how to keep living even when life seems like it's over.
Keep walking, keep painting, keep talking, keep believing and don't stop looking for the gift inside the pain.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Just being grateful is a gift

Once my dad said he thought God had sped up the time and not told anyone. I reminded him about how it used to be at my Grandma's house in no-man's land Michigan, where time stood still, even tho her clocks ticked loudly. Grandma lived in an old house that looked like a barn. She had a dried bat, hung on her little indoor clothesline. Yup, on the back enclosed porch she had a clothesline with rags, old clothespins and a dead dehydrated bat that hung upside down.
I must have asked her a thousand times why. But, she refused to tell me, or anyone as far as I know. We all still joke about that bat 15 years later,..... still wonder why.
Now that I'm older, I respect her privacy regarding the matter, I even defend her right to have had the bat. Tho, I lacked this facet of my love for her while she was living.
I've begun to almost obsess with my relatives who have passed. Clinging to memories for dear life. I dug out tons of photos of Christmases pass and am going to make a photo album of them to display on my table in the parlor. I refuse to let go. I just can't.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I've been busy painting, selling (thank you God) and studying art. While in Marietta, I worked on our Christmas card for this year. I paint our cards every year. I also made tags to accompany my Etsy paintings, these I usually attach to the wire hanger in the back. I love making these!
On our way home from the cabin, we had time to stop and check out St. Mary's Catholic Church in Marietta. I was awestruck! It's SO beautiful! Even the downspouts are copper. Among many things I've learned from being Catholic, is the sacredness of God. The quiet. The smell of candles burning, each one filled with a prayer intention. The sense of history and all the scores of people who celebrated as well as mourned. I feel the "communion of saints". My family members who have passed, seem to be nearby, they kneel with me in the quiet of God's space. And, even if just for a moment or two, I feel whole and encouraged.
Viaticum, latin for "food for the journey". I'm so, so grateful.
Peace be with you:)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My own boss

I've no idea how to manage my time according to my idea of time management. I think I have to have something solid to show before clocking out at the end of the day with a list of accomplishments to show my boss that I'm worth the money paid me. Validate my presence. Earn the right to cast my own shadow.
But wait, I'm my own boss.
You know the old saying, "You are your worse enemy"? So true.
My sister came over the other evening and we had a long talk. We found out we both carry this heavy burdened belief of having to accomplish tons each day. She is goal oriented and I'm journey minded.
I love the journey. Taking in the view and along this path is where I find myself, sitting on a rock, staring into a creek, or playing with a leaf, watching clouds, or worse yet, staring in to a mirror and wondering how in the heck did I get to be this old?
Then it hits me; I've wasted time, lots and lots of it. I start thinking about how much other people have accomplished. Around that time, my sis calls and tells me how much she's accomplished, and most times, I'm just getting out of bed!
The answer? Be who you are, not who you think you should be.
Ah, peace. It's okay to be the way I am. How do I know this? That is where my love resides. I am ready to love when I've given life lots of thought, not when I've washed six loads of clothes, mowed the grass, washed windows, painted a room and changed the oil in my tractor.
Hold it, I got to say this: I don't change the oil in my tractor. But, if I was super accomplished, I probably would.
If you could put my sister and I into a paper bag and shake us up then pour us out, we'd be perfectly balanced.
Maybe that is why, after talking to her, I feel so much better. She helps to balance me.
I love her totally, though I live in fear of losing her.
Oh don't be so morbid you say? Bull! I do! I worry about this. Maybe it's cause I've lost so many family members.
Or, maybe it's because I love ferociously, not holding back one ounce. You give someone your heart totally, you'll know it when they are gone, because a part of you becomes missing as well. That hurts, and at the same time, it's a gift.
That's part of loving. As Our Lady is referred to often: Lady of Risk.
When I first heard that, many years ago, right after losing my son, I knew it had to do with loving someone totally: you can get hurt.
But, if that's part of being someones mom, daughter, sister, wife, aunt, etc.,
so be it.
I pray for the courage to love, trust and continue to build my nest here at home, where I am my own boss who kicks my own butt and stares out the window, a little too much.
ps. I just thought of something: when I'm sitting by a creek, watching the leaves float by, that's where I get in touch with Heaven, and Heaven is where a part of my heart resides.
I watch the clouds play with the sun and think stuff like, "God is watching this too."
Why do we beat ourselves up over enjoying the gifts God gives us?
I think Wal-mart is to blame.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The land around me

We moved from an allotment about ten years ago. At first, I didn't want to move because I loved my house and our little lot. The thing that changed my mind?....lawn mowers. On a nice day, when one would love to be outdoors or have their windows open, there would be a lawn mower roaring and agitating me to no end. After awhile it became a major pit peeve of mine and I agreed to move.
So, off we went to a 4 acre lot out in the middle of farm country. And, it's the same darn thing only the lawn mowers are much bigger and much louder. Here's the one I contended with today. Dust storms like no others, compliments of John Deere.
I went for a walk in the woods behind our house this morning and took some pictures. This one with the trees "x marks the spot", I love.
Kind of spooky.
Here is a path of pine trees. I don't know who planted these pine trees in such neat rows, but I sure do appreciate their beauty.
Finally, one last photo of the top of a hill where the sun was shining through so pretty. Loving this time of year.
Hope you are too, but I
can't wait till the first snowflake!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Outings

Things like roadside stands seem magical to me. I had to stop and take a picture. It's so Americana.
These people grew these items, stuck them out on a little "shop window" in their front yard & put a container for honest folk to drop in their payment amongst the goods.
I wanted to plop down in the yard and hang out, just looking at the colors maybe getting to talk to someone like me who couldn't resist stopping and taking a closer look at what was for sale.
However, my 24 year old daughter didn't really share in my excitement. Instead of making her understand how beautiful everything was to me, I took a quick photo, selected some Indian Corn and we took off down the road toward home.
I wonder if someday, when I'm gone, if she comes across that photo, will she remember that day, and will that memory bring a smile to her face?
I also wonder if I'm nuts, but hey, that's an entire different set of wonders.
Anywho, every night before I go to sleep, I sketch something that happened during my day and write a paragraph about what I did/felt/thought, etc. This is that day's sketch showing how patient my kid is with me and my sporadic antics.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Silence, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In an effort to soak up some of the fall colors, I'm leaving for the cabin. Mostly because I could use a break from the sounds of traffic, neighbors, airplanes, the pumpkin farm's activities (they shoot pumpkins from a cannon, uh-huh, it's lovely).
I know this stuff jitters my nerves because when I'm away from it, I feel less fragmented, I even stop clenching my teeth (ow!).
Right now, (or was) I'm busy getting ready to go. After a 2 hour drive, you don't want to have turn around and drive miles and miles just to get something you forgot to bring, like milk & eggs.......for sure I have the coffee.
Here's my morning drinking coffee chair. A drinking coffee chair.
Hey, I should invent one and have it patented and then make gobs of money.
Or perhaps not.
What did I do today? There is so much to do I've got off track somewhere, maybe from stress? Don't know, but I was going along pretty well, getting things crossed of my to do list and then I found myself doing crossword puzzles, then playing with a pumpkin image on my photoshop.........that's when I thought, okay what the heck, I'll post to my blog and then, for SURE I'll get back to my to do list.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to my sister Connie. She grows more beautiful each year:)
And with that, I'm heading back to my list of to-dos.
I'm my own boss, so I will really get ticked if I don't get moving.

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Cry Room

It's been awhile. I've been gone in more ways than one. Out of town and outside working. Fall brings tons of outdoor work to get ready for winter. Blue skies,yellow leaves and crickets singing...a lovely combo in which to work.
Art? Not so much to report or show, BUT! it's always on my mind and certainly my desire, however, I've been caught up in helping others pursue their goals instead of my own. It's a tad out of balance and requires me to tap into my self-discipline abilities. (SDA). (I just made that up:)
I usually get melancholy during mass, yesterday was no difference. You see, when I discovered God was love, even though it was during the worse time in my life, it is a time I look back on with tenderness and gratitude. A time when I started my journey to become a Catholic. 20 years ago. It was God's way for me, to rope in my overwhelming gratitude, to help it make sense and to give me a beautiful way to follow His direction.
I was raised Baptist, and God bless them all, but it was the Catholic faith, for me, that represented the God I had met that day. And, the Blessed Mother? What a gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot even begin to describe how much she loves us all. I've had a touch of Her love in a powerful way that took away any doubt I ever had about life, God, Jesus, Bible, and Heaven. It's all true.
In our church there is a wonderful little room with big glass windows called the "Cry Room". I never had to go there, my daughter was 4 when we started going to mass and managed to keep fairly quiet. But, I love the symbolism.
In my mind, there is a cry room. It's where I send all the distracting noise banging around in my head. You know, the sort of thing that goes on the entire time you are reading and then don't have a clue what it was you just read.
Like maybe what you've read just now?
So, GO TO THE CRY ROOM, YOU ANNOYING NOISE!!! (what if the priest said that during mass?) yeow.
Anyway, one last thing, today is the Feast Day of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus who said, "after my death, I will let fall a shower of roses, I will spend my heaven doing good on earth."
Way back then, during this time of year, I learned about this saint. I had prayed and asked her if it was okay for us to be friends. (I wasn't officially Catholic yet.)
Later that day, when my daughter got off the school bus, she ran and grabbed a late blooming dandelion. With a big, loving smile she held up the dandelion to me and said, "this is for YOU mom!"
I still tear up when I think of that, because in my heart I KNEW it was St. Theresa saying "yes, we are friends".
So far, life seems utterly magical.
Love and flowers to you all.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The sky and a mind's basement

Wow, the skies these past few days have been SO pretty. I keep looking at the sky and remarking out loud to myself, "this is awesome". Then I also say to myself, "what? first time on this planet?"
Good grief!!!! I talk to myself too much. When grocery shopping I sneak Elle in the store via her dog carrier that looks like a big purse. I'll say things like, "whaddya think Elle? should we try this?"
or "Whaddya think, should we get this?"
To another shopper, I guess I look nuts, as no one is there, just me, asking questions out loud. No wonder I get weird looks. And that is when I stop talking to my purse and try, my best, to act "normal".
Maybe when I get older I won't care what people think and really, really be myself, everywhere. I don't think my enthusiasm or sense of humor is appropriate in public, not REALLY. So, being the English woman I am, I refrain.
That's where art comes in, and poetry, stuff that you can dig down into your mind's basement and bring up all sorts of cool stuff into the light. I feel like there is some mysterious block in my ability to connect to my creative self. Maybe it's from trying to be normal. Probably. Wouldn't you know, society has screwed up my self expression aptitudes!!! lololo!!!
One of these days, I'm going to LET GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so look out. :)
My job, my 4 hour, one day a week, job is at a local gallery. It's a great place, the owner is very talented person, an artist, a fellow nut. We have a small gallery with a warehouse full of stuff, stuffed into it. There is not room for a raisin, I swear.
The thing I admire the most about our gallery is that (we do framing, restorations, etc.) even if we are working on a piece of art that is worth $5, it gets the same treatment and respect as something worth a zillion. Each piece is sacred. I'm glad I have some of my art there. This pic shows 3 of my pieces, in the white frames, ya know, the ones on Etsy no on wants (boo hoo).
Just for grins, here's a pic of my price tags, which are almost as much work as the picture it refers to.
Okay, that's all for today. It's time to go back out and continue washing windows on this bright beautiful fall day.
Fall? I guess!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Not much to say today

I had not realized how stressful the issue of our pond and fish being destroyed affected me. I'm still not my old self, haven't laughed much and lost my appetite. Nor has the situation been
settled. Good news is my neighbor has said he will help me. So there is some hope we can get this matter resolved, healed and move on.
I've been at our cabin in Marietta for a week or so and was able to finally relax and mellow out. I don't need much, just quiet, watercolor materials, lots of paper and my dog nearby.
Here's a pic of my "art" area I scoped out for myself at the cabin, and the view from my window.
I'm at a loss for words today, but it's been so long since I posted, and Karen was so sweet to inquire if all was alright, it prompted me to at least make an effort. Thanks Karen:)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Farewell sweet fish friends

Co-existing with nature and neighbors. Interesting concept. Something, obviously, I need to learn. When you think about it, we have no choice but to trust each other, and when there is failure, to forgive and even help.
This was my pond a couple weeks ago.
My neighbor west of our home, had filled in a field drain when he had his pond dug, even tho my husband and neighbor to the east, asked him to please be careful not to.But he did it anyway. He's moved, too.
What does this mean? It means that after the big rain we had last week, ours and a few other neighbors yards flooded with water that normally would have flowed thru the field drain and then into a drainage ditch way, way down the road.
Instead water has sat for days in the hot sun, cooking the grass it is drowning, making a mosquito haven and causing quite an unpleasant odor. It killed my neighbor's garden and eventually the rotting vegitation water found it's way into our pond and killed all our fish. Now, the pond is black and our fish are lying dead on the edges.
(Elle & I used to visit the pond 4-5 times a day)
I am heartbroken. They were like pets to us, especially the Koi. We had twelve and they were all unbelievably beautiful and tame.
We had to watch them slowly die from suffocation.
(I'm glad I took pics of them while they were alive & well).
I've talked to several "government officials" who told us:
1. there is nothing they can do to help
2. it's a civil matter and I need a lawyer, but to keep in mind drainage cases take about seven years to resolve.
So, here's the plan; trust that everyone involved will chip in and help resolve this matter, peacefully. No hard feelings. Just neighbors co-existing with each other.
I am fighting another battle and that's the one inside my head that wants to get mad and say to hell with it. I'll never, ever do one more stupid improvement to my property and as soon as I can I am out of this one horse town, I'm gone. I want to tell off the people in their elected positions that are supposed to help us (tax payers) and ask them what IS it that they CAN do? Besides sit behind their desk eating snicker bars and surfing the net?
One last thought before I totally bum myself out:
Inside every problem there is a gift.
I will try to search for this gift instead of looking at the devastation.
I'll let you know if I find it.
I wonder if I'll ever sit and watch the sunset here again or not? I guess it was supposed to be, or it would
Lord, help me not to fight reality but to count my many blessings.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A Mess of Things

My studio has become very uncomfortable. I feel like I've painted myself with junk into a corner. I sit down to work and I think, "geez, what a bloody mess." Then for the next 1/2 hour or so, I'll stare out the window.
And that's when I get the idea I'd better do something worthwhile, which stresses me out.
Even my dog wants out of there.
So, I leave the studio in search of something I can do to show for my time. And if that doesn't work I panic and think stuff like; I'm wasting time, or worse, I'm running out of time and then the very worse? it doesn't matter.
Oy! What a TERRIBLE thought!!!!!
Everything DOES matter. God is in the details, I know this from my own experience.
That's what so cool about blogging. You can figure stuff out you would never have tackled because blogging puts you with likewise minded folk. And even if no one reads the blog and/or responds, you still feel like everyone is listening!
"all eyes on me", lolololo!!!!
Meanwhile, back at the studio................
I have THREE large drawing tables, which take up an enormous amount of space. I will take one to the cabin, along with some other items that I can spare. I've been wanting to set up a little studio spot at the cabin for awhile, & that's what I'll do by george.
My, this blog is so self centered! My only compensation is that maybe somebody will enjoy my struggles as an everyday housewife/artist.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Questioning Thoughts

I've been reading books by Byron Katie. It all started with a prayer; is reality better than fantasy?
Is it?
I went to the internet and just typed "staying in reality" and a web site was provided:
It was very informative and taught me a heck of a lot! To question my thoughts. I understand her to say that our brains tend to believe it's thoughts.
For example, I have been filled to the brim with the spirit of fear ever since my son died. The list is endless. One biggie was believing I could keep my daughter from dying, too, if I did this, that, or whatever.
I never thought to think: is it true? is it absolutely true if I don't let her out of my sight she will be okay?
Is it true, if I pick her up at the bus stop everyday nobody will hurt her?
Alex is almost 24 now. This started when she was 4 years old.
Ever since 8/13/87 I had been trying to outsmart any fatal mistakes that could befall her.
I've been in a fear hell hole for 20 years.
I'm on my way out. I didn't understand that I was suffering because I refused to live in realtiy.
Realtiy is where God is!
Last thursday the news broadcasted an upcoming storm that could produce tornadoes. First thought, came with an image: Alex could get killed, so could Lane, or me, our house could be demolished. I even saw myself coming up the basement stairs out of the wreckage that used to be our house to my husband's relief that Elle and I were still alive.
Here's the question: Is it true? Can I absolutely know that if a storm hits this area all that will happen?
And, pay attention to this: WHO WOULD I BE IF I DID NOT HAVE THIS BELIEF?
Who would I be?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd be a happy camper. I'd be watching the storm as would be the responsible thing to do. But not in a shaking panic that would make me literally sick.
So much crap has happened in my mind that is a million times worse than what could happen in realtiy.
If something rotten happens, it was supposed to, or it wouldn't happen. How can I believe that God does not have control over tragic events, yet knows how many hairs are on my head?
Everything happens for our freedom.
I wonder what my life would have been like if I had not believed all those thousands upon thousands of fear filled thoughts? Most of them would effect me physically as well as mentally. This was tough on my family, too.
The reality is I don't even know for sure I'll still be alive by the time I get this posting typed.
I used to think because of what happened to my son I had lost my sense of false security, because I knew that anything could happen, because it did, to me. I figured everybody else takes comfort in thinking, "that would never happen to me because I do this, that or whatever."
People thought Jody got shot because my husband is a hunter and a policeman. They took comfort in that. I saw it in their eyes when they were told this information. A sense of relief came over them.
I remember feeling so isolated and angry.
But that was then, and this is now.
I'm in now.
ps. check out this photo of the storm I was dealing with!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Multifarious Spells

I presume the dry spell is over. I am grateful for the rain but I miss the sunny days we've enjoyed.
Speaking of spells I certainly go through my share. A while back, I could NOT get enough of M&M's. Then all of a sudden, didn't want any and haven't had any since. Still have an unopened bag saved (sentimental reasons). McDonald's iced coffee is my weakness now, but here's the bad news, our McDonalds is shutting down for 3 months to rebuild. It would take me about 30 minutes to get to another McDonalds, so forget it. There has got to be a ton of calories and fat in those drinks anyway. Besides, I can make my own.
I have an attachment to our McDonalds. I rarely eat the food, just the coffee is what I get via the drive thru. The ladies at the drive thru window during morning hours are so nice. I've always thought about how even though it's considered a menial job, so to speak, it is a perfect opportunity to feed souls. I mean, just get somebody to smile with a sincere comment. For me, they've always remarked how cute Ellie is and usually gave me cookies for her. This is the stuff we all need.
No, not cookies, sincere positive comments of kindness.
I used to create drawings on the outside of the envelope when I wrote to my mom.
They were comical and would get my mom to laugh. So, one day there was a note in my mailbox from our mail lady who said, "there is a good artist that lives here".
That compliment has stuck with me for years.
We have to hold on to the good things people say and do.
My current other spell is Oriental Mix from the Farmer's Market aka Giant Eagle.
Another one (you can have more than one spell occurring at one time), is watching for those new Dodge Chargers. I'm shocked at this! Maybe if I test drove one it would break the spell. I stopped and looked at one today which made me feel guilty when I saw my little blue jeep sitting there, all alone, looking rejected. I also looked at a Crossfire, okay, I confess........Ellie and I sat in it. The sales guy, Nate, who makes animals out of balloons for the kids at church, (seriously, he told me all about himself and two vehicles in less than 10 minutes), he wanted me to take it for a test drive. I said no that my dog would shed all over it and I was just looking, etc.
This was the very first time I've ever stopped to look at a car on a lot by myself in my entire life!
$24,000 would buy a piece of land and cars are bad investments.
When I got back inside my jeep I figured it was better to leave well enough alone and who needs car payments.
If I had one year to live? Yeah, I'd bought the Crossfire, no wait, the Charger but in Black.
Why not both?
Well, back to reality; it's time to get packed up to go to Marietta. We will be dragging our john deere tractor all the way so we can cut the grass. This is nuts!!!!!!! But! out of my control. Nice moths down there though! :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Enjoying Home

Have you ever brought home way too many books from the Library? I have. I knew when I selected them I would only briefly look at the photos. I even get panic attacks because I feel like everyone is thinking, "gee, what a glutton".
What is it that makes me take more books than I could possibly read in 2-3 weeks? Why do I do it?!!!
Knowing they will sit on my bedside table, barely touched, whilst all along someone else could have been learning something?
But no, they can't cause I've horded the book they need.
I think it's a form of greed which is fed by so many available and interesting choices. I want to learn everything, to make everything and to master each and every subject that interests me.
And it's not just the library. It's home, too. Yup. I confess I have 2,300,330 things I want to do on a daily basis and the things I do manage to do, I think....okay, it's greatly possible, I do them half ass.
I'd have to live 20,000 years to accomplish all the things I'd like to do and that's just here at home!
The reality is that this "need" causes me stress. I criticize myself for not getting things done, and done right. Then on top of all that, there is this life-long lie I've bought hook line and sinker that I am running out of time.
Well today, something caught my eye; a cut vase of flowers sitting on my kitchen counter. I don't know why, but it zapped me back to my childhood home. Maybe it was the way the sun was reflecting on it, but for a brief second I felt like I felt before I found out life was unfair. Just for a second, that's all it took.
Therefore, today I'm not going to bother about accomplishments. I'm going to take Elle and go for a walk around my yard, putz in my garden, check out spider webs, say hello to my fish and let go of all this crappy negative, no good crummy theory that getting things done/learned/worked, etc. makes me worthwhile.
I found this old post card I had made of our childhood home that had been mailed to mom and dad way back when. I miss that house. Thank goodness when I was a kid I was smart enough to enjoy it.

Monday, July 9, 2007

A Sacred Boat

My dad's boat has found it final resting place; in my garden next to the honeysuckle bush. I don't know how many years my dad had this boat, has to be around 30 years? He was so fond of this boat and he loved fishing. About two years before he passed away I just had to go fishing with him at Mogadore Lake in this boat one more time. There were physical challenges for us both. I'm a 120 pound weakling, he was an 82 year old man with dementia. I wanted him to be okay, to be his normal old self. I wanted to share some form of familiar reality that we both knew.
So, there we were out in the lake, just the two of us. I thought about how strange it was that he could not, or would not sit still. When I was a youngster, he had to tell me numerous times to sit still in this very boat. At one point his leg was wrapped in fishing line, his pole was about to fall overboard and he wanted to change his position, again, when he said, "this is like fishing in a phone booth!" That statement made me laugh, made him laugh and before I realized it, we did share a normal everyday moment.
I knew that experience was a gift to me. Years later it still warms my heart. I miss my dad so much.
Finally, a special thank you to my brother Randy for bringing dad's boat to me. Love you.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Say Cheese

Here we go again, I'm trying to update my profile!!! Posting a photo of my mug right here, is the first step, then from there I go to my edit profile page.
Worked at the gallery today and had lots of interesting customers. My favorite part of being a professional framer? is looking at people's art and hearing the stories about it. Lots of world travelers out there come back to the roost and bring a photo, or painting back to be framed. Saw an image of Jesus in a yoga position, that was a new one to me.
Another customer, a kind gentleman, popped in and said, "bet you never saw a car like the one I'm driving." Okay, I had to go and check. It WAS a very cool car! I had to take a pic of it. I rarely turn my head for any vehicle as most are SO reproduced and common. I love old cars and trucks, but this sports car, I have to admit, was attractive.
Awfully hot to drive around in a convertible though today, whew!:)