Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This morning I was reflecting on a dream I had about 3 years ago.  It was a dream of a huge bible that opened up before me and a light shown down on the verse Hebrews 11:8.   I've been wondering about this for 3 years.  This morning I decided to find out what the readings were for this coming sunday and sure enough, Hebrews 11:8 is within the 2nd reading.  It's a reading about faith and about how temporary this life is, but to keep our eyes on Heaven; the promise land.
If I could do anything I wanted today, I'd go to St. Joe's and sit in front of the Holy Tabernacle and just be with God in that special way so that all my fragmented inner parts would softly go back together and peace would prevail in my mind and spirit.
Instead though, I have to go to the grocery store, do laundry and clean, bake, cook, etc., but I'm trusting I can find time with God in doing these chores with order, patience and reflection.  I'll try my best.

Here is Our Lady's last message to "non-believers" she gives on the 2nd of each month.  I'm not sure why "non-believers" are addressed this way.......maybe it's folks who have not yet taken God at His Word and just go for it?  Not sure, but at any rate, there is love there for those who wish to partake of It.

August 02, 2013 "Dear children, If only you would open your hearts to me with complete trust, you would comprehend everything. You would comprehend with how much love I am calling you; with how much love I desire to change you, to make you happy; with how much love I desire to make you followers of my Son and give you peace in the fullness of my Son. You would comprehend the immeasurable greatness of my motherly love. That is why, my children, pray because through prayer your faith grows and love is born, the love along which even the cross is not unendurable because you do not carry it alone. In union with my Son you glorify the name of the Heavenly Father. Pray, pray for the gift of love, because love is the only truth: it forgives everything, it serves everyone and it sees a brother in everyone. My children, my apostles, great is the trust that the Heavenly Father has given you through me, His handmaid, to help those who do not know Him, that they may reconcile with Him and follow Him. That is why I am teaching you love, because only if you have love will you be able to respond to Him. Again I am calling you to love your shepherds and to pray that, at this difficult time, the name of my Son may be glorified under their guidance. Thank you." 08/02/2013

(via the seers of Medjugore)+