Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Officially Nuts

My dad was a genius at making faces. Here is a pic of him trying to teach Alex a funny face. She is really studying his face. I love this photo, (which I played around with on my photoshop, I've no idea what I did, but I like the results), it brings back that day so vividly. The stove in the background, pot holders hanging on the fridge, Al's little t-shirt and dad's hand. I know that hand as well as my own. This photo was taken about 22 years ago, but the feeling of watching my father play with my daughter still swells my heart just as much now as it did then.
I miss my dad. I can tear up at a drop of a hat when it comes to him. Sometimes, I just stop. I stop to get my barings, so to speak. I need to figure out what happened. Did you ever go for a long automobile trip and sleep part way? When you wake up you've no idea how you got to Texas but you are there just the same. That's how it feels, my mind is back in mom's kitchen, but my body is in my house and I get the two confused.
Okay, so I'm nuts. It's official.
Meanwhile, back at the studio I learned a new word. "splined". That's what this canvas is, splined.
It's a 4" x 6" stretched canvas with a wooden frame tucked inside for extra support. These things are sturdy!
Here's a few newbies for my etsy shop. I did manage to get the first one up for sale on Etsy today, in between my being officially nuts and watching it snow, and snow and snow.


art4friends said...

oh those minis are lovely!

thanks for thecomment :D it is not feeling much like summer here anyway, lots of rain and yucky weather. But i hope it clears up for you soon :D

and thank you for your kindness! :D

katelynjane said...

I know what you mean about tearing up about your dad! I never want to lose mine, but it's bound to happen unfortunately. He's my tough-man-hero (: