Saturday, January 3, 2009

State Parks are vital to sanity

Ahhhh!!! It's over. I loved it, every bit, but it's over and now my normal routine way of life is a major welcomed sight. After Christmas I think I sat in my lazy boy chair for about, oh say, 3 days. No, not three days, but for sure a good 8 hours!!
A few days after I went to a state park in our area, Quail Hollow, where I have gone for years and years to get back my sanity. So many good memories at this place.
There are trails galore and the herb garden is, I think, the largest in Ohio. The mansion, well, it's old and it has a beautiful personality! Here's some pics of the place. The sky was as blue as the air was cold. I about froze my fingers off taking these snaps.
A blessed New Year to all of you and a special congrats to our friends who just had their first grandchild and to my nephew's just-born yesterday, baby boy.
I have said, many, many times, if my home in Heaven is like Quail Hollow....that would be wonderful!
And, since I'll live for eternity, then there will be plenty of time to do all the upkeep for a home like this!
(Miss Ellie Mae in her smashing faux fur prancing about the grounds.
ooh! la! la!)


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Happy New Year!

I am always relieved the Holidays are over and life gets back to normal. Wonderful as they are with all their traditions, meanings, and trappings .... there is nothing like the piece of the quiet days that follow.

Juliana's Jammin' said...

My, Miss Ellie looks so proud!