Thursday, December 10, 2009

Path Makers

My husband's latest creation: rope swing for me! Wherever my husband and I have lived, we always managed to etch out a special spot or two on our land on which to sit. Like mini parking spots for rest and reflection. My husband loves to clear debris to make a path to a place to sit. He moves rocks from here to there, then back to here, then to there again. He lovingly creates these areas of respite and enjoys sharing a "time out" with his favorite person on earth: me. I feel so honored when he happily sounds the trumpet that the throne is ready and we go outdoors together to experience the new perch. We talk about how we love it, how nice it is and I remark about the hard work he did, he says it wasn't that hard and eventually, silence comes over us. We sit in quiet friendship and just watch nature until one of us says something: "Hey, how does a cup of coffee sound?" or my favorite, "have I told you lately how much I love you?"
He also has created several tree stands from which he hunts, and I imagine, does his best praying.
We pray to connect to God, each other and ourselves. In praying I give God a chance to help me. Our Lady says to, "pray, pray, pray".
I know, sometimes to concentrate on prayer seems almost impossible especially when you've so many things you need to do. It may seem like just one more thing to add to your to-do list (s). Prayer isn't on your to-do list, no more than breathing or blinking is. Prayer is what enables you to write a proper to-do list.
Here is Our Lady's message for 11-25-09:
"Dear Children! In this time of grace I call you all to renew prayer in your families. Prepare yourselves with joy for the coming of Jesus. Little Children, may your hearts be pure and pleasing, so that love and warmth may flow through you into every heart that is far from this His love. Little Children, be my extended hands, hands of love for all those who have become lost, who have no more faith and hope. Thank you for having responded to my call".
If I could tell you all the terrible experiences my husband and I have endured, you would be amazed that we are still together as man and wife after all these years. Heck, that we are still alive for that matter. What does it take? It takes LOVE and every sub-category under LOVE. Forgiveness, compassion, humility, selflessness, understanding, prayer, peace.........all of it. Judging each other is so useless, unless you want to lose opportunities to learn and grow in happiness.
Remember to keep your own sins in view. Remember the mercy you have received. Take part in God's miracles by offering forgiveness instead of evil. Open the door for God into whatever situation you find yourself by that key you yourself have been given; forgiveness. Be God's Hands and create a place for someone who has become tired and lost and you will find rest.


Annie said...

Victoria, I'm moved by the tradition that has grown between you and your husband. It is acts such as these that bind us together when the worst happens. Love, Annie

The Accessory Lady said...

The swing looks like such an amazing peaceful spot. You are very lucky and clearly much loved! Wonderful post. :-)

jarvenpa said...

A rope swing sounds like a glorious thing--and your dog looks very contented there on the barkcloth pillows.
Dropping by; my eldest son's medical tests were all clear and he is recovering well.
Blessings on you and your loved ones.