Friday, August 6, 2010

Choosing paths

On August 2, 2010, Our Lady of Medjugorje left this message for all of us:
"Today I call you, together with me, to begin to build the Kingdom of Heaven in your hearts; that you may forget what is personal and-led by the example of my Son-think of what is of God. What does He desire of you? Do not permit satan to open paths of earthly happiness, the paths without my Son. My children, they are false and last a short while. My Son exists. I offer you eternal happiness and peace and unity with my Son. With God; I offer you the Kingdom of God.
Thank you"
From experience, I can attest that choosing the wrong path can lead you to destruction. I went through a period of time where I thought my happiness was most important. True, my happiness is important, but I discovered that God is the Author of happiness. So why did I try to find peace and happiness in worldly things?
Geez, ever watch television? That alone can practically warp you beyond repair.
Getting older can put a person in a tailspin and you fall for the false hopes to hold on to your youthful looks and strength. What a waste of time!!! Striving for that which looks good in the commercials? oy vey! But, zillions of us fall for it.
That's fixable though. There really is more to life than health insurance issues, or any other worry we are CONSTANTLY encouraged to fixate on. No wonder folks try to escape reality, those pesky arrows that fly at us. And, there are those that count on us to fall. There are those who rejoice when we fall.
Plenty of things to feel mad/sad/angry at.
I'm not sure who it was that said this, but somebody said that we can use every experience as a spiritual lesson. We can search for God. And, if we can't meet Him halfway, He'll meet us most of the way, but......we have to at least look.
I found that just entertaining the idea that maybe, just maybe some of this religious stuff is real. It could be true. Maybe it would be okay to think the Bible is truth and the ad for whitening our teeth is useless?
Maybe everything really does matter.
Or, if we are all so smart, then why are we destroying each other?
Once you allow yourself to ponder that which is of God, you'll eventually figure it out; you and God, will meet.

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