Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Each year for Lent I try to learn a lesson that is intended for me. I have no idea what it is at first, but usually I get the message from seeing, hearing or reading the same thing here, there and everywhere, until I finally GET IT! Last year's challenge was to speak softly, gently and slowly and not to speak more than necessary. This was wonderful as it gave me a key to become a better listener and allowed silence to become a good companion. I became aware of how much sarcasm there was in my speaking and how much there is in television, etc. This world is a glut of sarcasm and people trying to be funny. This year? it's about relinquishing my private time/space when asked, without hesitation or resentment, but to give it freely as God directs. Let it go! So far, so good. I'm learning that when my private time is interrupted I can answer that call with a loving heart. It doesn't mean I'll say yes to every request, rather, it means to respond in truth which is sometimes a no. Either way, if I'm following God's lead, I have peace and a bit of excitement to share whatever it is He sent my way, with Him. Having a retired husband around all the time and me being a hermit like creature, meant I needed help to respond to this life change with goodness. Point being, ask God for help and be prepared not only to listen for instructions, but see how much better life goes when you are doing what God wants you to do. Also, it keeps one in the present moment. I do get time to paint and the painting seems twice as enjoyable as it used to. I make better use of my time I guess, again, another lesson. This morning as I was praying in front of Our Lady's statue I heard in my heart the word, "believe". Believe in Her messages: forgiveness, conversion, prayer from the heart, firm faith, peace, penance, Holy Mass, message of hope and love. I was encouraged to believe that the messages Our Lady has given us are a definite remedy. To believe is to try to live them in every circumstance. PEACE

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