Saturday, October 13, 2012

You can always count on your family to give you new gray hairs on a regular basis.  No need to look for a place to learn about how to become stronger and better at being who God called you to be.

Listening is so important!!!!  I just read in the book "The Art of Loving" by Eric Fromm, that when we do not listen well to the other person, we tire easily, but if we DO listen, we are not exhausted and even sleep better.
I look at my grandson and my swells with hope and gratitude.  I love to just watch him as he goes about my house discovering what he can get into.  He's ALL boy!
What a gift!
Even though he isn't talking (he's only 11 months old), he has a lot to say.  He can fill me with so much joy, just with his big grins.
Everything gets put on hold when he comes to visit!

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