Monday, May 7, 2007

Thank Goodness it's Monday!

Spent the weekend at the a-frame and worked hard at painting and cleaning. In between times, I took Elle and went for walks. No tick problems this time, we used Frontline on her. There were so many wildflowers I haven't really seen before. Two hours distance can make much difference I am learning. I'm waiting to see if I will develop poison ivy. The river was so peaceful and inviting.
Elle actually got in the shallow part and walked around. I didn't think Chiahuahua's liked to be wet like that! But she had a blast.
For the first time since we bought this place I actually slept the entire night. I must be starting to feel more at home there.
I got up Sunday morning and was so glad to see the sun shining but not glad to see a cock roach lying on it's back and waving it's legs on my kitchen floor. I told my husband to quick get up and come look at this cock roach. He actually does and stands there in his underwear telling me it's not a cock roach.
I think he automatically disagrees with me, without thinking.
"It's a cockroach, trust me", I say and ask him to take it outside. Instead he beats the tar out of it.
Of course he would do that....what was I thinking?
I'm thinking the further south one goes the bigger the bugs get. Swell.
I am so glad it's monday because that means he goes back to work and I have our "normal" house all to myself. I know. That sounds mean. But, I just cannot get enough solitude. I suppose I will end up a hermit in my old age.
Hermits get a bad rap. Who decided it isn't healthy to be a hermit anyway?
My husband works a lot, has tons of projects going, big ones, like painting the a-fame. What am I supposed to do when he is painting 25 feet high?
I'm an artist folks, I have an overactive imagination and I already had him visualized with a broken neck and us being a million miles from another human..............I stress out; he works. I'm exhausted by the time he is done and all I did was stand there and worry.

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