Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Magnolia Bloom
I've learned so much today:
1. To be careful not to slip and fall out of my flip flop when attempting to step onto the dock.
2. If I do slip and fall on my head, nobody notices.
Oh okay, there's more learned lessons there somewhere but I can't think too hard because I fell and hit my head today.
On a happier note I am so grateful to have my "Green Pendulum" accepted at the Little Art Gallery's May Show. Oh to be judged by professionals is every one's dream.
My peers, so to speak.
I am grateful I was encouraged by friends and family to keep believing in my own art work and to keep creating. Thanks to everyone who nudges me onward.
Thanks too to my mom. Last spring my mother gave all 4 of us kids a plant. Shoot, can't remember the name, I'll have to ask my sister. But here is a close up of one of the blooms and holy cow does it ever smell good. The scent brings her memory back to me, maybe that is what she had planned last year. I think she knew she wouldn't be around and that maybe we would think of her when we saw the plants. We think of her and dad, always, no reminders needed. We miss them terribly.
More for thought:
My Grandfather's Blessing
by: Rachel Naomi Remen
We have been raised NOT to cultivate a sense of mystery. Mystery does not require action
by our attention. Turns fear of unknown into awe, wonder, joy.
People who wonder mystery do not burn out.
Perhaps wisdom does not lie in the seeking of answers. Any answer we find
does not last for long. Maybe the secret of living well is not in having all the answers,
but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company.

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