Friday, August 17, 2007

A Mess of Things

My studio has become very uncomfortable. I feel like I've painted myself with junk into a corner. I sit down to work and I think, "geez, what a bloody mess." Then for the next 1/2 hour or so, I'll stare out the window.
And that's when I get the idea I'd better do something worthwhile, which stresses me out.
Even my dog wants out of there.
So, I leave the studio in search of something I can do to show for my time. And if that doesn't work I panic and think stuff like; I'm wasting time, or worse, I'm running out of time and then the very worse? it doesn't matter.
Oy! What a TERRIBLE thought!!!!!
Everything DOES matter. God is in the details, I know this from my own experience.
That's what so cool about blogging. You can figure stuff out you would never have tackled because blogging puts you with likewise minded folk. And even if no one reads the blog and/or responds, you still feel like everyone is listening!
"all eyes on me", lolololo!!!!
Meanwhile, back at the studio................
I have THREE large drawing tables, which take up an enormous amount of space. I will take one to the cabin, along with some other items that I can spare. I've been wanting to set up a little studio spot at the cabin for awhile, & that's what I'll do by george.
My, this blog is so self centered! My only compensation is that maybe somebody will enjoy my struggles as an everyday housewife/artist.


Karen said...

I love the dressmaker's form! Very cool.

I need to clean my studio today. It's always a disaster when I've been working...

Tricia Scott said...

i really want to thank you for your comments on my blog. my heart also goes out to you for your losses.
it is my first visit to your blog and i love it here. i can relate to your writing about the messy art space. i have the very same thoughts! you do have a wonderful space---love the light!