Saturday, November 24, 2007

Just being grateful is a gift

Once my dad said he thought God had sped up the time and not told anyone. I reminded him about how it used to be at my Grandma's house in no-man's land Michigan, where time stood still, even tho her clocks ticked loudly. Grandma lived in an old house that looked like a barn. She had a dried bat, hung on her little indoor clothesline. Yup, on the back enclosed porch she had a clothesline with rags, old clothespins and a dead dehydrated bat that hung upside down.
I must have asked her a thousand times why. But, she refused to tell me, or anyone as far as I know. We all still joke about that bat 15 years later,..... still wonder why.
Now that I'm older, I respect her privacy regarding the matter, I even defend her right to have had the bat. Tho, I lacked this facet of my love for her while she was living.
I've begun to almost obsess with my relatives who have passed. Clinging to memories for dear life. I dug out tons of photos of Christmases pass and am going to make a photo album of them to display on my table in the parlor. I refuse to let go. I just can't.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I've been busy painting, selling (thank you God) and studying art. While in Marietta, I worked on our Christmas card for this year. I paint our cards every year. I also made tags to accompany my Etsy paintings, these I usually attach to the wire hanger in the back. I love making these!
On our way home from the cabin, we had time to stop and check out St. Mary's Catholic Church in Marietta. I was awestruck! It's SO beautiful! Even the downspouts are copper. Among many things I've learned from being Catholic, is the sacredness of God. The quiet. The smell of candles burning, each one filled with a prayer intention. The sense of history and all the scores of people who celebrated as well as mourned. I feel the "communion of saints". My family members who have passed, seem to be nearby, they kneel with me in the quiet of God's space. And, even if just for a moment or two, I feel whole and encouraged.
Viaticum, latin for "food for the journey". I'm so, so grateful.
Peace be with you:)

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