Thursday, November 29, 2007

For my mom

My mom's ceramic tree, probably made in the 1950's:
There are times, when decorating my house for Christmas, I really feel close to my mom. She loved Christmas. She painted resin knick-knacks all year long and in earlier years, she made ceramic figurines and trees. I use the things she made throughout my house, but the Christmas pieces really tug at my heart. This Christmas will be my 52nd, and my 2nd without mom. Last year I was too lost in grief to even acknowledge she died. But this year, it is sinking it a little. Gosh, I miss her.
Without photos and the things my mom made, much of Christmas' past would be a blur. I'm really glad I kept all the things she gave me and someday, when I am positive my daughter will treasure them, I'll pass them on along with the things I've made.
I don't know the story behind these photos of mom, but I have them on display in my house, they never fail to bring a smile to my face.
.I think it was around 1990, I painted an oil painting of my son and daughter from a photo I took of them on a walk at Quail Hollow. I had painted it for my mom's Christmas present. This is the photo of her holding the painting that Christmas Eve. We said quite alot about the painting to each other, not in words, but with our eyes. I lost my son, she lost her grandson, but we kept on celebrating life, we all did, the entire family. That is a gift to give your children: show them how to keep living even when life seems like it's over.
Keep walking, keep painting, keep talking, keep believing and don't stop looking for the gift inside the pain.

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