Friday, December 7, 2007

Wintery Morning

Lots of snow out there today, and so-o-o-o-o pretty, especially if you can enjoy from your warm home. I intended on snapping a few photos of the snow, make a necessary trip to the post office, shovel a path for Elle to go potty, check e-mail, read a bit of the paper and finish up the laundry before settling down in my studio to work.
That was around 9:30am, it's 12:43pm. It doesn't take 3 hours to do all this, I just haven't figured out how to drink coffee, munch cookies, stare at my computer screen and type while doing errands. Some of us like Betty here, can afford to stand bone idle in one spot for hours.

Alright! It's time to go upstairs to the studio where my trusty assistant is waiting.

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Regina Gansen Rooks said...

Checked in to see your blog after you commented on mine. Many things come to mind reading your posts. I relate to the sense of melancholy that comes with remembering those who have gone on before us during the holidays. There are so many "touch stones" that trigger memories this time of year. The challenge is to remain grateful for the gifts they have brought to our lives.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and images!