Friday, May 9, 2008

God's mysterious ways!

I would like to dedicate this post to a sweet woman who lives in Montana and her name is Juliana. She owns a shop on Etsy; A few weeks ago I was struggling, and I mean STRUGGLING with fear issues of all sorts. Lots of junk going on in my brain and it was beginning to really get me down. While checking my Etsy site I discovered that Juliana had hearted my shop, so I went to her site and found that she, not only sold rosaries and jewelry but explained the background of the stones and metals she uses to create these awesome works. I wrote her a looooong convo and poured my heart out to her. You know God works in mysterious ways. She wrote back and was incredibally kind, helpful and honest. I ordered a pendant made of Carnelian, turquoise and copper. I was first attracted to it because it reminded me of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. See the above pic?
And, on top of that she sent me a pocket rosary made of carnelian stones and copper as a gift.
I believe in the power of stones, metals, rocks, trees, rivers, herbs, you name it, if God made it, it was for our good. I think there are tons of blessings all around us, tons of help and silent shouts of love and encourgement. Ya just gotta believe, take time to be quiet and trust, trust, trust.
I have a dear friend who has lost several family members and in such a short time span. She is grieving as you can imagine. I thought maybe a new rosary would help somehow. Juliana made this one special for me to give her (pic above). It has rose quartz and ametheyst. The rose quartz administers to emotional pain, the Amethyst encourages inner peace. There is much more info on stones and their capabilities/meanings on her Etsy site.
Oh, see the earrings? pic above to right? She sent me those as a gift.
I can't say enough about this good hearted woman, whom I've never met, but God put her in my life and I am grateful.
I just love synchronicity!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

What a wonderful story. Truly the Hand of God at work.....there are no coincidences. :-) Rosie

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

He is amazing always to me ... I can look back and see His hands in things when I had no idea at the time.

The jewelry is so beautiful as are the rosaries.

Beth said...

Amen sister! Thanks...I needed to be reminded ONCE AGAIN that it's all gonna be OK.