Thursday, May 29, 2008

Babble or bubble? Can't remember!

It's been a couple weeks since I've been able to blog. Lots going on, things to do, places to go, ya know, stuff like that.
May was a busy month.
One day at the cabin I had time to wander off alone. I relaxed on a bridge my husband built a couple months ago. It spans over a babbling brook that ends in the Coal Run River nearby.
Lots of babbling.
Is it babbling brook or bubbling brook? hmm.
I kicked off my shoes and lied down, put my hands behind my head and looked up. The sky was so blue, the bridge still has that new wood fragrance, birds singing and bumble bees dive bombing....ah, sweet relaxation.
But enough of that, I had brought a pen and notebook to write in. That is what really brought relaxation to me; journaling. I function better when I can get some of the thoughts bouncing around in my brain down on paper and out of me. I am hoping it clears up some space, like a computer, I hope I run better.
Since being home though? I am having trouble concentrating on simple tasks at hand. I feel like I lost some short term memory ability. I've heard that is common during menopause, which frankly, pisses me off.
Sorry. It just does. How humiliating it is to age. That must be the homework necessary to pass...pass what? a test? sort of, however, I mean PASS: moving on, audios, bombs away, amen, outee.
Oh well, with a little luck, and lots of reminders on sticky notes, I should be able to remember the two things I need to remember today:
#1. The sheep shearer man is coming this morning to shear Betty, so keep her in the barn.
#2. Dinner date with Godparents.
#3. Put shoes on before going to the dinner date with Godparents.
Nah, just kidding, I trust I will put on shoes before heading out to dinner. I do have dreams lots of times of showing up someplace, looking down and realizing I forgot to put on shoes.
I hate that:)!

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Rosie's Whimsy said...

That looks positively wonderful. I'm afraid I would have fallen asleep laying there in the sun listening to nature's sounds!

I know I'm not so sharp anymore. I used to be a really good speller.....lots os Scrabble when I was young:-) Now I find I have trouble remembering the dumbest words. It is very frustrating. So I depend on spell check more and more.

Your property is great.....slow done and post more pictures!! :-) Rosie