Monday, July 21, 2008


Morning chores: Feed dog, feed horse, feed sheep, feed birds, feed husband and finally sit down and drink a hot cup of coffee. This goes on rain or shine, snow or sleet. Going out to the barn every morning and evening can be a drag, especially if I'm not feeling chipper.
(To the right, is Betty waiting for me to feed.)
But most of the time, even during snowstorms it's an adventure of sorts. Being a part of this world has taught me much. Nancy, the horse, is a two-eyed jack registered quarter horse who is now 26 years old.
"All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and she'll listen to me any day."
_Author Unknown
She wouldn't be worth ten cents to most people, she has arthritis and some other feet troubles but to us she is worth her weight in gold. And we spoil her rotten!
Do I ride her, heck no! As Roy Rogers put it, "When you are young you fall off a horse and you may break something, when you are my age, you splatter."
I don't think I would splatter necessarily, but for sure it wouldn't be good.
So, when your daughter is 14 and talks you into getting a horse, then leaves home ten years later and you are the one left holding the hay hook, makes ya think. Pets are a big commitment but a way bigger blessing!

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RainbowMom said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful stories! I love horses myself.. I would love to get up and help feed all of those blessed animals that fill our lives with a humble, quiet love that not many people can match.