Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Eleven, eleven, eleven

The other evening, after a long day of being moody and sad, full of fear and dread, ( ya know, the usual for a scorpian), I needed a positive message or sign, so I got out my dad's bible. I opened it up and saw his handwriting and just could not help but cry.
11/11/11 his birthday. He was so proud of that date and being English.
As I was reading through the bible almost every verse my eyes rested on was about taking courage, keeping the faith, and knowing God is with me.
I remember reading some of these very verses with dad. They say the Holy Spirit helps you to remember, even people like me, menopausal.
Ha, ha, very funny.
Anyway, it amazes the heck out of me how when you love someone, that love continues even after death, which is just a change, not an end. Love never ends. NEVER. Thank goodness!
He is in Heaven and still tries to soothe my nerves with reassurance. Many daughters see their fathers as heroes, as the strongest man ever.
I'm like that.
But don't call me a daddy's girl. It's a respect, gratitude and adoration thing. He shared his weaknesses and failures with me, which helped to make me strong.
In the Bible where Jesus said "where you are weak, I am strong" or maybe it was "when" either way, I love that verse. It's full of hope.
Lately I've been feeling the ever present fact I have no control over anything, not really. That feeling is debilitating and leaves me feeling weak, so perhaps that is when the Lord is strong?
Also I noticed my father marked his entire bible with tons of symbols and dates, but I have no clue what in the world they mean????!!!!
(His nickname was Pete) The verses below from the book of Psalms was marked near the end of his life. He claimed them for his own.
And, they came true.

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Rosanna said...

What a wonderful thing to have your Father's Bible. I well-marked Bible is great legacy to pass on.