Monday, February 16, 2009

Ice Fishing Joy

I think I'm the only person I know who still is enjoying winter. I learned this from my dad. He also helped me not to dislike the smell of skunk as well as which mushrooms were edible and which ones were not. I loved his words whenever we parted company, "be careful and don't talk to any weird-os". He was serious. I regret that at times I didn't heed his advice. I suppose this advice would be the same as "don't take any wooden nickles",hmmm..I think the so called stimulus package may have a few of these in it, unfortunately. This photo is of my dad (at right) and his brother Erv. They are incredibaly happy because they were going ice fishing.
I'm not going ice fishing. I never did learn to like that. And, he never learned to like painting pictures. Though he did do a mean Howdy Doody.
Oh, and he loved Alfred Hitchcock's profile, but then, who doesn't, right?
I was going through my scraps of material the other day and thought what a
terrible shame it is that I don't make something earth shattering lovely with them. So, I decided to pick and choose which materials/colors would go nice together in a room decor. This grouping will be used for a color base on which to work from. I sketched an interior design with pencil on the canvas, then will select certain colors to match that of the materials.
I'll come up with something by golly.

Meanwhile, it's fun to goof around with these colors on photoshop. The first one is done in a sketch mode, the second wasn't altered. I decided I prefer the warmer tones, which luckily, are the actual colors.

Soooo, got that going for me.

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