Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Voila' !!

Isn't it amazing how something catches our eye and we want to make it tangible? Artists do that as a way of life. Here's what came of that fabric I showed in the previous post:

The painting is entitled Victorian Setting and has been added to my shop by my secretary. Okay, that's a big lie, I don't have a secretary, or a shipping department.......yet. ha!

And since it was raining, I made a little pouch out of the material which I can slip the painting into for shipping. I suppose there will be other uses for the pouch the new owner will discover.

Onto the next project! While watching a Christmas episode of the Vicar of Dibley, I got an idea for a dining room setting. I searched for some swatches and whatnot, mixed them all together to create a color scheme. This is the sketched canvas which is primed and ready for painting. And I can't wait!

See that little oval box at the bottom right hand corner? It's a tiny paper mache' box which I decorated, put in a tiny surprise and will include it with this painting when I post it on Etsy.

What is in the box? Think fortune cookies.


Amy said...

You're so super fabulous!

I had a great time seeing you and I promise that I won't be a stranger any longer.

ral said...

Found your art at Etsy and wanted to see what inspires it. Very cool. My daughter lived in Massilon, Ohio while going to school. I had the priviledge to visit twice. Coshocton was really neat.