Friday, March 20, 2009

Red Ears and Naps

My mother used to say that if your ears were burning someone was talking about you!
Oh my! our beloved pets certainly make us smile.
Elle is enjoying the warm afternoon sun and I couldn't resist the way her ears captured the sunlight.
Meanwhile, outdoors, Nancy and Betty take a nice nap in the same sunshine.
Spring is here today! The sun makes me sleepy, too.
However, winter gives me more time to rest and now that rest is over as the outdoors need tending, let alone every single window in my house needs cleaned (and the screens).
Check out the honeysuckle bush, looks like a big hairy monster! But in a couple months at most, it will be beautiful.
And, if seen with wisdom, most things do become beautiful, if you give them time.
The end of this song, "Awesome God", there is the sound of people praising and rejoicing. Is that what Heaven sounds like when one of God's children returns home?

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The Accessory Lady said...

Your dog is absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing the photo. So cute! Wish you a wonderful week!