Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Powerful Art in the Home

This picture of Jesus was on my parents bedroom dresser for as long as I can remember. Now, it's on my mantel. I always tell people to think carefully about what sort of art they place in their homes, as it lives on in children's minds for a very long time. My mom made sure there were images of Jesus in our home. When I became a mom, I understood why! We need all of Heaven's help to get our children safely into Our Lord's arms. Even if they stray, it is promised that they will find their way back. That happened to me. I strayed,... several times. Mostly to escape my emotional pain and consequently made my life and those around me even worse. I've finally learned how to learn from my mistakes. Whenever I see this verse, I remember when I was that smoldering wick. Isaiah 42:3 A bruised reed he shall not break, and a smoldering wick he shall not quench... Have a blessed Easter!

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