Friday, September 18, 2009

Thoughts from the Hayloft

I love it when I get an inspirational idea. Ever since we changed to round bales of hay, instead of the rectangular, the hayloft is empty, (round bales too heavy and are kept on main floor). After I was finished feeding Nancy and Betty this morning I noticed the hayloft door was open and decided to climb the ladder to see what was up there.
Not much.
Then I thought, "hey!!! I could dry my herbs up here instead of in the house where everyone complains about it!"
So, I started in sweeping, sweeping, sweeping.
Put in some hooks, nails and such to hang herbs on and used an old wooden desk to work on. I'm going to make some floral wreaths, too.
I've got enough Sweet Annie to supply the township. I just love that stuff! But, my family thinks it awful and were thrilled that I had discovered a space, unclaimed for the most part, to work with my dried herbs.
There is the back door to consider. A doozy of a step should I forget and fall out! And the front door isn't much better.
Still, it does one a world of good to create.
Somebody asked me the other day why I like to paint pictures of furniture.
Maybe it's because I love the idea of decorating but never had the money or energy to spend. Also, I think I enjoy creating order and the fun of how paintings take control and guide you along in accordance to how they want to come alive.
It's just fun and is good for the soul to create.
Everything is a lesson. What you learn can be applied to living a life with God and in peace.
One needs to be teachable. It's almost always best to take the student position in situations. For example an argument that you think is unjust because you know you are right.
Forget being right, instead: what are you hearing? learning? and how can you bring God into the equation?
Keep your heart open to that which is of God.
If you pray for peace, you have to be careful to do your part.
Sometimes, saying sorry is the key. Forgiving also opens opportunities for God. So open as many doors for God as you can, while you can.
".....and He speaks the truth without breaking anybody's heart, without rousing anybody's indignation and without reproaching. Of course, He is He!" . St. Peter was speaking about Jesus in the Poem of the Man God. The disciples had been trying to testify and witness to the Truth and found that some people were thirsty for God, and others became indignant.
When speaking of these challenges to Jesus, Jesus replies, " And you do not love them. That's your mistake. Love them even if you do not know them. Say to yourself: "They belong to our Father".
You will then seem to know them and you will love them."
This is from the Poem of the Man God, Volume II.
It's great when we speak to another person who is in agreeance with us, but when someone turns up their nose? oy, that's not so easy, but it is a valuable lesson if you can remember to take the student position and learn from it.
We need to love, be ready to love and to give. It takes prayer, lots of prayer to cleanse your mind, wash all the worldly stuff out of it and make room for God. Peace follows. Peace is a treasure in your family, guard it wisely.
Here's a photo of some sort of bug who came to my water fountain for a drink. And, another photo of a sunset I took sometime this summer.
I am amazed each day at what God has prepared to share with us.


Annie said...

How absolutely fantastic for you. Your OWN space. Your art is ... (oh heck, I don't want to use an overused superlative) ... well, it just IS. Love the furniture. The leaf beetle - Amazing. Lots of food for thought.

Juliana's Jammin' said...

The music always takes me for a walk with your beautiful pictures a serenity in learning, loving, and forgiving with the Lord. I love stopping by when I feel the need to be closer to your loving soul, Thanks V! for your inspiration to us all.

The Accessory Lady said...

Beautiful post and photos. Hope you are having a lovely Fall!