Friday, October 23, 2009

Never Settle for Less!

When we become a friend of Jesus, we become of Jesus. I was reading in the Poem of the Man God about how Mary Magdalene's conversion caused many to scorn and laugh at her.
They thought she was the best thing since sliced bread when she was on their side. But now, she became a new sort of controversy and very few who used to be so enamored with her, now detested her and wanted her to fail.
Isn't that the way it goes?! Many people just wait for a Christian to fall so they can feel better about their own sins.
Oy! Another trick of the evil one!
We must be cautious not to allow this scornful attitude to come and dwell in our hearts in any shape or form.
Our Lady has said that this world does not know how to love.
(When I first read that I was puzzled, because I loved lots of people.)
Ah, it goes much deeper than that. And I for one, do not want to rob myself of knowing how to love as God intends. I do not want to settle for second best in any area of my journey with God, and so therefore, nor with you. I'm searching my heart daily for anything that may block my view of the beauty God is showing me in all people.
In the Poem of the Man God (what a book!), Jesus says:
" Improve your love, then. Love, to be really such, must not be exclusive. When one can love only one object, and cannot love anything else, even if one is loved by what one loves, it is clear that that is not true love. Perfect love loves, with due gradation, all mankind and also animals and vegetables, stars and water, because it sees everything in God. One loves God, as is proper, and one loves everything in God. Be careful; exclusive love is often selfishness. Endeavor therefore to love everybody else out of love."
He had said this to Judas the Iscariot who had complained that Mary Magdalene was an embarrassment and should not be allowed to walk with the disciples.
Jesus also said that Mary Magdalene was no longer Mary of Magdala, she was Mary of Jesus, and that her separation from the past was complete.
Know anyone who is trying to be good? Encourage them.
In your heart, be a mother or father to children you do not know. Be a sister or a brother to strangers.
Most likely, you won't have to say a word. Just love them in silence because what is in your heart, the world sees.

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Gary said...

Hi Mercer's Daughter,
I appreciate your affection for "The Poem of the Man-God".The sheep know the shepherd's voice.I've read it since 1990 and experienced mini- miracles associated with it and Medjugorie. I've tried sharing with others to no avail.It's good to know I'm not alone in this. All the best.Gary in Portland.