Saturday, August 6, 2011

God is POURING out His Grace over this earth!!!

August 5th is Our Lady's birthday. This information was given us by the seers of Medjugorje and even though we celebrate Her birthday September 8 in the Church, I celebrate it twice. This August 5th seemed very special somehow as it was First Friday as well as The Dedication of the Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome, of which my neighboring parish, where I often attend weekday mass, has a Spiritual Bond. An official Spiritual Bond that is! Granted to them a couple years ago. Anywho.......after friday's mass a few of us stayed to recite the rosary together. I shared with one of the ladies about it being Our Lady's birthday and she was so happy to know that this beautiful joy took over her entire face and she announced that the rosary would be offered up entirely for Our Lady's intentions as our gift to Her. During the 4th Sorrowful Mystery, while looking at the Risen Crucifix above the Altar I asked Jesus a question: "Lord, what are you giving Our Mother for Her birthday?" At once, I felt His gaze, full of love and so very focused. I felt Him looking at the four of us, sitting there praying. He imparted this knowledge to me, (the answer to my question of what He was giving Our Mother on Her birthday), His reply: "you!". I could not stop my tears from flowing and my heart silently sung to the top of it's lungs "Lord I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh! What an amazing blessing!!!!!!! After the rosary was completed I told the one lady who had shown so much love for Our Lady earlier and she was elated. She said she tried her best. I understood as this woman stays and prays the rosary almost every single day after mass. As for Our Lord's answer? of course, yes! He gives His Mother, Her children. Us! Without Jesus, She could not have them. Amazing! Amazing Grace! Here is the message Our Lady gave in Medjugorje August 5, 2011: "Praised be Jesus, My dear children" "Dear children, also today, in this great joy, when I see you in such a large number, I desire to call you, and to call all the youth, to participate in the evangelization today of the world; to participate in the evangelization of families. Dear children, pray, pray, pray, and the Mother prays together with you and intercedes before Her Son. Pray dear children. Thank you, dear children, also today, for having responded to My call." "Go in peace, My dear children." They said Our Lady appeared really very, very, very joyful and happy! Open the eyes to our hearts Lord!!! Peace be with you ♥

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