Friday, June 22, 2007

Unexpected Blessings

The other day I was out walking the dog and noticed a batch of daisies in the pasture. My husband had just cut the pasture day before but had not mowed down the daisies.
I knew that was for me.
For years I've asked him not to mow here or there in order to spare flowers and herbs that volunteered it's presence in a spot not conducive to his mowing routine. He mowed them over anyway thinking I'd never notice.
But I did.
And now, lo and behold, an unexpected blessing of a bouquet of daisies left for me to discover. After being married so long and surviving so much, we have an unspoken type of communication. It seems to have a life all it's own this communication, as tho a 3rd party were involved. So, without saying anything, I sketched him a picture and wrote a poem and when I gave it to him he said, "oh, you found the flowers I see."
(kisses and hugs)
There's a lot of power behind stuff like that. The things we do for others seem to have so much more healing power if we don't tell them about it. You know, like how we are to pray in quiet, and not to let anyone know you are fasting, etc. Perhaps if you do something nice for someone, and never mention it to them, that act resonates healing.
I know this did for me.
The poem, (it's rough, I know) :
A patch of daisies spared for me.
After all these years, he finally sees
the unspoken strength that one receives
as giving ......................
Okay, stop.
I'm stuck on this part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I originally wrote "as giving dispells all disbelief".
But I don't like the way it sounds.
Anybody out there have any suggestions?
Let me know!

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Karen said...

I like

...the unspoken strength
that one receives
in giving...