Monday, July 9, 2007

A Sacred Boat

My dad's boat has found it final resting place; in my garden next to the honeysuckle bush. I don't know how many years my dad had this boat, has to be around 30 years? He was so fond of this boat and he loved fishing. About two years before he passed away I just had to go fishing with him at Mogadore Lake in this boat one more time. There were physical challenges for us both. I'm a 120 pound weakling, he was an 82 year old man with dementia. I wanted him to be okay, to be his normal old self. I wanted to share some form of familiar reality that we both knew.
So, there we were out in the lake, just the two of us. I thought about how strange it was that he could not, or would not sit still. When I was a youngster, he had to tell me numerous times to sit still in this very boat. At one point his leg was wrapped in fishing line, his pole was about to fall overboard and he wanted to change his position, again, when he said, "this is like fishing in a phone booth!" That statement made me laugh, made him laugh and before I realized it, we did share a normal everyday moment.
I knew that experience was a gift to me. Years later it still warms my heart. I miss my dad so much.
Finally, a special thank you to my brother Randy for bringing dad's boat to me. Love you.


Laura said...

Love the boat in the garden - I can picture grandpa in it on the lake - or when we pulled into his driveway and it was upside down by the field - that boat was such a part of him. I know you are happy to have it.


Laura said...

I love the boat - I can picture grandpa on the lake, or driving into the driveway and seeing the boat by the field meaning that grandpa was home. I know you are happy to have the boat because it was so him. Seeing that boat conjures up so many memories.
Love ya,