Friday, July 27, 2007

Multifarious Spells

I presume the dry spell is over. I am grateful for the rain but I miss the sunny days we've enjoyed.
Speaking of spells I certainly go through my share. A while back, I could NOT get enough of M&M's. Then all of a sudden, didn't want any and haven't had any since. Still have an unopened bag saved (sentimental reasons). McDonald's iced coffee is my weakness now, but here's the bad news, our McDonalds is shutting down for 3 months to rebuild. It would take me about 30 minutes to get to another McDonalds, so forget it. There has got to be a ton of calories and fat in those drinks anyway. Besides, I can make my own.
I have an attachment to our McDonalds. I rarely eat the food, just the coffee is what I get via the drive thru. The ladies at the drive thru window during morning hours are so nice. I've always thought about how even though it's considered a menial job, so to speak, it is a perfect opportunity to feed souls. I mean, just get somebody to smile with a sincere comment. For me, they've always remarked how cute Ellie is and usually gave me cookies for her. This is the stuff we all need.
No, not cookies, sincere positive comments of kindness.
I used to create drawings on the outside of the envelope when I wrote to my mom.
They were comical and would get my mom to laugh. So, one day there was a note in my mailbox from our mail lady who said, "there is a good artist that lives here".
That compliment has stuck with me for years.
We have to hold on to the good things people say and do.
My current other spell is Oriental Mix from the Farmer's Market aka Giant Eagle.
Another one (you can have more than one spell occurring at one time), is watching for those new Dodge Chargers. I'm shocked at this! Maybe if I test drove one it would break the spell. I stopped and looked at one today which made me feel guilty when I saw my little blue jeep sitting there, all alone, looking rejected. I also looked at a Crossfire, okay, I confess........Ellie and I sat in it. The sales guy, Nate, who makes animals out of balloons for the kids at church, (seriously, he told me all about himself and two vehicles in less than 10 minutes), he wanted me to take it for a test drive. I said no that my dog would shed all over it and I was just looking, etc.
This was the very first time I've ever stopped to look at a car on a lot by myself in my entire life!
$24,000 would buy a piece of land and cars are bad investments.
When I got back inside my jeep I figured it was better to leave well enough alone and who needs car payments.
If I had one year to live? Yeah, I'd bought the Crossfire, no wait, the Charger but in Black.
Why not both?
Well, back to reality; it's time to get packed up to go to Marietta. We will be dragging our john deere tractor all the way so we can cut the grass. This is nuts!!!!!!! But! out of my control. Nice moths down there though! :)

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