Sunday, January 20, 2008

Scroogies and pheasants

I love these new Scroogies! Check out I have a huge window next to my desk and in this weather my fingers freeze as I type. No more. These fingerless long hand knitted gloves do the trick.
The sweater? I got from a consignment shop called Bib & Tucker in Hartville. $15.00!!! It's so cozy I don't want to take it off. You can't tell by the photo, but it's long, all the way to just below the knee. I love consignment shops because it's a way to recycle things that otherwise would sit idle in someones closet, etc. (It's the only time I dont feel guilty buying something from China ).
Speaking of pheasants.....okay, we weren't but earlier today Elle was barking at the bird feeder outside our front window. I assumed it was a cat, but no, it was a ring neck pheasant. I immediately fell in love with it and started to worry something might harm it. I'm telling ya folks, I have issues! Torment!
Anyway, the pheasant allowed me to photograph it and hopefully he will be okay in it's travels. (They are the worse jaywalkers; must take lessons from opossums, rabbits and coons.)
Today's quote: The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, magnificent world in itself. _Henry Miller
Way to go Henry!


Karen said...

I love pheasants! We have one rooster around here, but he doesn't come in our yard because we don't have much brush/cover--

What a beautiful picture of you! You don't look old enough to have a grown daughter!

LOVE the quote. Very true.

zJayne said...

Those scruggies look ever SO cozy! I'm contemplating a pair! Thanks for sharing.

Jane aka zJayne