Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fighting Nature?

This is why I've not been blogging much of late; my yard is being overtaken by things like crabgrass, corn and several other huge things that come from using one's horse manure as fertilizer.

Plus, windows, all of them, need washing, the washing needs washing and my hands hurt from all the pulling and tugging. I'm convinced if I moved away for one year and left this property to care for itself I would return to find it completely covered in vines, weeds and cobwebs. Nature claims it's space back as soon as we allow it to. I'm not sure if fighting nature is what I wanted to devote my time to, so much of my life to, but, I seem to be doing just that.

Not being able to stay focused for longer than 5 minutes isn't helping either. I got out the ladder, which weighs about 2 tons, and decided to wash the windows on the west side of the house, but oh look, the bushes need trimmed back before I can do that, so I got out the trimmer and, oh look again, I've managed to cut the cord right in half with the trimmer.

The bushes win, again.

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Rosie's Whimsy said...

Nature does seem to take back it's own. I have been so busy with the new baby and my sister's passing that my garden is wild and out of control. I imagine some time in September when things might just get done around here. ((hugs)) Rosie