Saturday, October 18, 2008

Keeping The Peace

I was out of town for a little while. I went where it's quiet and now that I'm back my nerves are a wreck, again. Getting a reprieve makes me notice just how much noise affects me, especially traffic and 4-wheeling teenage boys. I berate myself for not being more at inner peace and that in itself is a red flag. Who gives themselves hell for not having peace? Still, I miss the commune with nature, I miss nature having first say in my morning and setting the tone for the rest of the day. If I lived in a city, I'd be totally skitso. Just a hair from postal. Not nice.
I'm re-reading Thoreau, slowly and contemplatively. He quotes a Hindoo philosopher, "So soul, from the circumstances in which it is placed, mistakes its own character, until the truth is revealed to it by some holy teacher"
To me it means, if you are surrounded by chaos, be sure not to become part of the chaos.
Meanwhile back at the ranch: I had discovered a very interesting and informative blog,, which is fueled by the energy of Jules D. I even won a book called "Angels and Wonders" by Joan Wester Anderson.
I can't wait to start reading! Thanks Jules!!
Oh that reminds me, she "tagged" me. I'm not a whiz at blogsville, so I'll give it a shot and try to answer,
4 Things Meme:
Four places I go over and over
1. The barn
2. The grocery store
3. The place in my mind that fears get out of hand
4. Prayer
Four places to eat:
1. My kitchen
2. McDonald's for coffee
3. CVS for Sugar Babies
4. Don Ponchos
Four books from the read pile:
1. Thoreau
2. Counting Coup
3. Poem of Man God
4. Angels and Wonders
Four people to tag:
1.,2.,3.,4., I've no idea & I'm pretty sure I suck at being tagged, sorry! lololo!!!!
I've added quite a few new paintings to the pile on, painted most of them while I was at the cabin.
Soooooooo, I got that going for me. And finally, here's Miss Ellie Mae, the sweetest dog ever:

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Juliana's Jammin' said...

Where are you today, I see you haven't added for a little while, hope all is okay. You will soon be featured on BigSkyMontanaEtsy blog on Yahoo. WooHoo!!