Thursday, October 4, 2007

Silence, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In an effort to soak up some of the fall colors, I'm leaving for the cabin. Mostly because I could use a break from the sounds of traffic, neighbors, airplanes, the pumpkin farm's activities (they shoot pumpkins from a cannon, uh-huh, it's lovely).
I know this stuff jitters my nerves because when I'm away from it, I feel less fragmented, I even stop clenching my teeth (ow!).
Right now, (or was) I'm busy getting ready to go. After a 2 hour drive, you don't want to have turn around and drive miles and miles just to get something you forgot to bring, like milk & eggs.......for sure I have the coffee.
Here's my morning drinking coffee chair. A drinking coffee chair.
Hey, I should invent one and have it patented and then make gobs of money.
Or perhaps not.
What did I do today? There is so much to do I've got off track somewhere, maybe from stress? Don't know, but I was going along pretty well, getting things crossed of my to do list and then I found myself doing crossword puzzles, then playing with a pumpkin image on my photoshop.........that's when I thought, okay what the heck, I'll post to my blog and then, for SURE I'll get back to my to do list.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to my sister Connie. She grows more beautiful each year:)
And with that, I'm heading back to my list of to-dos.
I'm my own boss, so I will really get ticked if I don't get moving.

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