Friday, March 7, 2008

Fruits of the Spirit

In her book, "The Life Organizer" by Jennifer Louden, she refers to St. Paul's words about the Fruits of the Spirit. She suggests that the Fruits of the Spirit can serve as a guide to examine your life in light of what you do. For example, an artist who works out of her home may have a difficult time measuring daily career choices.
I made a list of the "fruits" and asked myself how my choice to dedicate more time to art was affecting my life:
LOVE: I have grown in love. I love what I do and I love those I paint for.
JOY: I definitely experience joy in my work
PEACE: I have peace, (if I don't overly push myself).
PATIENCE: Yes, I have patience with the process of things, much more than I used to anyway.
KINDNESS: I have feelings of only kindness towards my clients and am growing in kindness toward my family, much less critical.
GOODNESS: Seems to be wherever I choose to find it.
FAITHFULNESS: Regular Mass attendance, prayers and acts of gratitude, keeping my word.
SELF CONTROL: Yep, this area is better too.
So, looks like I'm on the right track in what I'm doing in my life, work and family. I love doing art, that's what gets me out of bed extra early in the morning. Not just creating, but appreciating other's works as well. I love home, being here is such a privilege.
I was wondering what sort of photo would go with this post? A pic of fruit? All I have is an apple, or a can of Fruit Cocktail? Nay, I don't want to bother and I doubt if anyone needs to see a can of fruit! So, instead and quite off the subject, here's some pics of Ohio's most recent ice storm. As I type, we are in the middle of another storm, this one producing tons of snow! I'm lucky I love winter:) This pine tree is having a bad hair day.

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