Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A little shop talk

Today was gloomy outside, but not inside. We had lots of inspiration from working with art. It is SO good for the soul. Here's a pic looking out the front window of the train station/gallery. The light as air dragonflies are what make up this beautiful mobile.
I acquired a beautiful whimsical print from fellow estian,
Aimee, her store is at: http://mazerdesign.etsy.com/. In trying to come up with a good mat and frame combo, using something we already have in stock, I decided on the purple mat on top of black with black beaded frame. I didn't realize how much purple was in this little painting until I laid the purple mat down.
And instantly knew that was what I liked. So, outside of art work, and freezing rain I've nothing too new to report. Just glad to be here:)!!!

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creativeFlutter said...

OH WOW!!! It looks great with the purple!!! Glad you like it so much! Can't wait to see it all together.